A 22ppc. Anyone care to elaborate?

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    Very recently acquired a Ruger M77 mk II chambered in 22 PPC. Don't know a whole lot about the round, just that it's an offspring from the 220 russian and is a damn good prairie dog killer.
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    Ruger chambered the M77VT in both 22PPC and 6mmPPC. Also chambered the No.1 in both calibers. The guns do fetch a bit of a premium for those calibers.
    I love mine, it "forced me to buy the other caliber then one of each in NO.1 :)
    I believe the M77VT is a very good gun for the money, the trigger is adjustable and my 6mmPPC has had the first stage of trigger pull removed (still factory trigger). Accuracy in these rifles is suprising. If only the No.1s shot that well as they are my favorite

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    .22 PPC - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    This and its sister the 6mm PPC started the short fat cartridge craze that is still kind of going on. They are very accurate cartridges and have both won their share of benchrest matches. Other than benchrest and varmint hunting the two cartridges never really caught on. I do believe the 6.5mm Grendel is based on the 6mm PPC. Remington also has cartridges of this design called the BR series they have 22 BR Remington 6mm BR. These didn't catch on as much but are still out there.