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(MM VS 40 VS 45ACP, any Phased Plasma rifles in the 40 Milliwatt range?

Hello all


I always Love to Wade into this sort of thread with what works and what doesn't, but thier is one way to stop the maddness quick? WHAT WORKED or WORKS FOR YOU?

I have Liked, carried and Used the 9MM, and the 45ACP for years, works well in all my 1911'a1s, my BHP and clones, does that mean that 40 is a no go? Absoultly not! I just don't use it? I never saw it's need with 9MM and 45ACP already in my use? I will agree with DGunsmith on the cost and use of 9MM, these days of rising costs, nice to have a caliber you can affoard to shoot? LOL I do like my 45ACP, I do and Have re-loaded to just keep that affoardable?> 40, Once the Police turn in Glutt is gone and the ammo is not as cost effective, I think we will see 40 S & W go the way of the 41 action express, the 41 magnum? Dad Loved the 41 Magnum, was paying $23 a box of 50 shells in 1976? Just my opinion, I've been wrong before, but not often???? LOL Time will tell and till then, I'll use and go with that which I have tried and tested? Never hurts to play a bit?
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