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    Hey guys, so im kinda torn between what to do here. Taurus offers a 9mm revolver, but it only has a 2" barrel. There is a company, I believe Pinnacle Guns, that reams the cylinders out to accept the 9mm with the use of moon clips. It would be ideal to have a 9mm revolver with a longer barrel. There are some good deals around me right now on used smith .38's, which I could have the cylinder done. So I guess my question is, should I go with the Taurus which is ready to go for 9mm, or should I get the S&W quality and have the cylinder done over?

    HOSSFLY New Member

    Depends on what you want to do with it -
    Personaly i have little need with a 9mm revolver with a 2" barrel-
    So i guess i'd go with the S&W unless a SA revolver wud suit you-

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    The problem with a 9mm in a revolver is the 9mm is short cartridge. The 9mm was designed to be fired from a semi auto. By the time you buy the gun and have the machine work done you can buy a Ruger Blackhawk convertible. I own a convertible. The 9mm is a novel idea on paper but in practice it just doesn't work out. The 9mm cylinder is great for training new shooters. But the 9mm will never have the 50 yard accuracy of a 357 mag fired from the same weapon.
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    Well the main reason for the 9mm is that I already have 2 semis in 9mm, and I reload it as well. I had thought about buying on in .357, but im not too sure I want to add another caliber just yet. The gun will be primarily for range use.
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    You will not get good accuracy from a 9mm in a 357 or 38 S&W barrel. 9mm bullets are .355" while 38 is .357". It is enough to affect accuracy. Ruger makes an SA combo and the accuracy with the 9mm has not been great. Good idea for a shtf gun as it gives more options.
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    9mm revolver - Near .357 Magnum pressures with near .38 Special performance. Win, win. :rolleyes:
    For what it would cost to mod a revolver to effectively use 9 mm ammo, you could probably order the necessary dies, brass & bullets needed to simply use the gun as intended & be money ahead. You already reload, this seems like making your life more complicated than needed. Reloading .38 spec/.357 Mag is pretty simple. IMHO, easier than 9 mm.
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    Plus if you got the S&W mod you would be using an oversized chamber and an oversized barrel.