9mm PD Bullet Weight

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    Question for you knowledagle handloaders.

    My "too damn hot for my .45" gun is a Kahr PM9, 9mm.

    Been carrying it with 115 grain Speer Gold Dots, mainly because they grouped the best out of the different weights and brands I tried, and they functioned flawlessly.

    As I said, I only rely on this compact 9 when I can't reasonalby conceal my 1911 and I've never been very comfortable with it's potential stopping power.

    My question is "how much" stopping power am I giving up by not using 124's or 148's, if any, AND is it wise to sacrifice some accuracy for the knock down power of a heavier bullet assuming I find one that functions as releyable as my 115 gold dots?


  2. DrumJunkie

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    A 115 Speer Gold Dot Will deliver 293 foot pounds at 50 yards 246 at 100 yds.
    The 124 will give you 324 @50 and 273 @ 100
    the 147 is 284 @50 and 257 @ 100

    With all that info I really have not seen enough between the rounds other than what the weapon in my hand likes to eat most. The lighter rounds are a good bit faster. But being a 45 hound like I am I'm pretty used to big/slow moving rounds and the the 9mm I shot most is a Springer 1911 in 9mm and it seems to love the 124's the most. It'll feed therm all fine but the groups at 25 and 50 yards are much better with the 124's.