9mm parabellum Hirtzenburger L7A1 ball

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  1. KalashnikovJosh

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    Ok so I've been doing some research on the different ballistics from commercial and surplus 9 para ammo.
    This ammo keeps popping up and has piqued my curiosity-

    Hirtzenburger L7A1.

    Apparently,it was made in Austria for the Brits.

    And it also has a BATFE warning that its 'too high pressure' for handguns.

    In fact,everywhere I look,people are reposting this warning all over the place -but also- people are talking about running hundreds of rounds of this stuff in modern pistols,without any problems.

    What it comes down to is this-

    Has anyone ACTUALLY HAD a ka-BOOM! because of L7A1 Hirtzenburger ammo being fired in a modern pistol chambered in 9mm parabelleum?

    If you have,I'd love to hear about it or even see pictures-because despite the BATFE warning,I have yet to read of any actual EVIDENCE that this stuff causes catastrophic failure of handguns.

    Maybe its living a little on the edge,it being some seriously high pressure stuff-but what about ka-BOOMs?

    Urban legend supported by typical fed-gov overreaction,or reality?

  2. CA357

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    I believe it's a hot load, best for subguns.

  3. KalashnikovJosh

    KalashnikovJosh New Member

    Right,thats what I hear-and that people shouldnt be using this load for pistols.

    But has anyone actually ever had a pistol damaged,and/or God forbid-suffered actual injury themselves,because of this particular cartridge?