9mm Magazine failures

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    The last time I was at the firing range, I had several empty shells fail to properly exit my Berreta 92F (10 to 15 round mags). They were jamming on exit from the handgun. I talked to the folks at the range and they seemed to feel this a common occurance when magazines are stored at full capacity. They said it weakens the springs and caused this problem.
    I have bought most of my magaazines from Cheaper than Dirt, from my Berretta to my 30 round AK to a 9mm ruger 10 round rifle rifle, to a small 9mm (10 round)

    Has anyone else had this problem?

    If I can't keep my magazines full, and I have a break into my home. Loading the magazines at that time would be too late.

    Does this sound like a poor maufactured magazine by CTD?
    To be honest I don't know if the standard Beretta 10 rd magazines failed, but I think they did. The mags were fully loaded for several months. I have had the Berreta for 3+ years and never have seen this before.

    What's the solution for this?


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    Mag capacity on an M9 is something stupid like 15 rounds isn't it? If you need that many shots to protect yourself during a B&E to your home, you need some serious help and loads of range time.

    Short the magazine 2 or 3 rounds and buy only high quality magazines. 2 12 round mags should be more than adequate to defend your home against anything.

  3. BillM

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    Bad magazines can cause a lot of different problems, but failures
    to extract or eject are not usually magazine related.

    Failure to extract (it leaves the empty partly or wholly in the
    chamber) ---------chipped/broken extractor, weak extractor
    spring, dirty chamber, screwed up recoil spring. Does it lock
    the slide back on the last shot? If so it's probably not the spring.

    Failure to eject(doesn't flip the empty clear of the pistol) broken
    ejector, weak ammunition, friction, screwed up recoil spring.

    Some problems can cause both issues. A dirty chamber for example
    can bot cause failure to extract, or provide enough resistance to
    slow the slide and cause failure to eject.

    The above are by no means the ONLY possibilities, just some of the more
    common ones.

  4. M14sRock

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    Use the highest quality mags you can afford.

    Keeping a mag loaded doesn't do much to the spring. Repeated cyclings of the mag wear out springs much faster.

    When possible, get springs made from chrome silicon.
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    I've never had that problem with my 92FS, but I have factory original magazines. I've never had a failure of any kind with the Beretta.
  6. Recon 173

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    Clean the gun. Particularly around the ejector. It is not uncommon for a smudge of burnt gunpowder or a tiny bit of casing material to lodge there and cause ejection problems. Storing ammo in magazines fully loaded does not *generally effect the magazines at all unless there are other factors involved. I've had magazines fully loaded, some for as long as a couple of years, and never had them malfunction. Then, of course, you can also get the occasional bad magazine that slips through past quality control.

    *This allows that we are talking about good magazines, not after market ripoffs or poor quality replacements, kept away from moisture, excessive heat and dirt.
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    There are alot of good points in here. I have kept several magazines fully loaded in my nightstand and range bag in my truck and have never had a problem. I have heard that Pro-Mag magazines have had alot of problems but I am not sure. Never purchased one.