9MM Is Where It's At

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    FMJ Ammo : Ammunition To Go

    But seriously folks, this is a good deal. I have no hesitations about using, or letting my loved ones use, a a 9mm for defense. I have seen first hand the after math of several rounds on flesh. If you think I'm a chump ask Robocop10mm. Getting shot with anything sucks.

    If you choose a 9mm long (in whatever spanglisheuroameispeak) just shoot it. A lot.
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    if you look at my posts I always said I will take a 9mm over the 40 sw and the 45acp. plus the with the 9mm you get more bullets to a magazine. the problem is everyone needs the satisfaction that they got a bigger gun. there is not much of a difference between the main 3 pistol calibers. what sounds better to you for self defense.

    10 shots of 45 acp OR
    17 shots of 9mm?

    remember your done at 10 while the 9mm still has almost double the bullets to go.
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  3. HKSlinger

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    what sounds better to you for self defense.

    6 .357
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    If I'm forced to shoot I hope my training and practice makes the first one count. That means 5,6,10,17,22,33 does not matter. The one that rides around in the chamber will be the one preserving my existence.

    This has been done over, beat to death, ridden into the ground, discussed to no end, whatever.

    The caliber doesn't matter that much, period. Taking a well placed hit from any SD round will not end well.

    Almost everyone would agree the .25ACP is probably the most pathetic round commonly available. Would anyone want to be shot by one? Of course not, even that round, well placed, stands a chance of being fatal.

    Given the choice of any PD caliber in a handgun, I'd take a 12 gauge. It has nothing to do with the size of my gun.
  5. ballfan4141

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    I will take 17 9mm shots over any pistol combination.
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    I bought 500 Ranger 9x19 a few weeks ago. A little bit more, but I have.. maybe 400 pieces of brass that I'll find. I'm not to bad w/ my 9's. I'll take 8 9's on target.

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    .357....What's left to talk about....45........one or the other.......outcome....job done!!!!.........................
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    I am not a big guy so a 9mm with a 17 round mag is hard to conceal. 30 oz is about my limit for concealed carry. My 9mm Kel-Tec P11 is 10+1, fits in my pocket and weighs 19 oz fully loaded. If clothing permits, my SR9c also holds 10+1, weighs 29 oz loaded, is easier to shoot well and the back up mag is 17 rounds. My Glock 36 45ACP holds 6+1, weighs 28 oz fully loaded. The SR9c and the G36 are almost identical in size and weight. My SP101 holds 5-357 mags and is 27 oz loaded. Actually easier to conceal because of the grip shape. Heavy mag loads are a handful but manageable. I mostly carry this when hiking.
    The 17 round mags are great in the house in case of a home invasion. My wife and I each have an SR9c with 17 round mags in the house. The spare mags will fit either pistol. We can grab either pistol and be totally familiar with it.
    The 9mm is easier to control for multiple shots than a light 45 but a heavy 45 is not hard to control either. A steel framed 1911 is pretty easy to shoot accurately and not to many people get up or stay up from a good hit with a 230 gr 45 hp. If faced with multiple bad guys, you may not have time to double.
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    45 Auto or .357 Mag.
    When I was a PD officer, I saw too many perps shot multiple times with a 9mm, good shots that should have killed them and everyone lived except for the one head shot.
    I know there are better hollow points now, but why send a boy to do a man's work.
    I don't need 17 rounds, 2 or 3 and the guy is down with a 45 or .357.

    17 rounds is for the pray and spray crowd. True, it is nice to have extra rounds at times, but a quick reload will fix that if needed.
    A handgun is a defensive weapon. If you are expecting trouble, you are going to take something with more punch than any handgun.

    I and my wife have P-9 Kel Tecs when we need a very small weapon to carry due to summer clothing etc, but whenever possible, my 45 auto is my weapon of choice. I've seen first hand what a good hollow point in 45 does to a person, and it's a whole lot more than a 9mm, a .357 is an awsome stopper for a handgun also.

    If you need 17 rounds, it's time to get some range and tactical time in.
    Mag reloads are always availabe if needed.

    You might guess I'm not a 9 fan, I'm not, seen too many faillures to stop someone. When a guy is treeked out on meth, they will keep coming at you until you either hit them with a head shot (harder to do than most think), or a spine shot. These guys will come at you until they bleed out, you want something that punches big holes and causes the max amount of blood loss as quickly as possible.
    Most have no real experience with actual shoots. Use what really works.
    The 40 is not bad, but like the .357, is a lot for someone who is not willing to put in practice time to control well.

    No dissrespect to the OP meant, just giving the facts from someone who has been there.

    John K
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    Our troops don't seem to like the 9x19 that much.
    If numbers is what you care about, there is a pistol that takes something like 32 .22Magnum rounds in the magazine.
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    Troops don't care. Most wouldn't know a 45acp from a 9mm.

    I was a shooter and a good one before going to basic. over 80% of my training company hadn't even touched a weapon before being issued one in the military.

    Yes there are some highly educated and some real operators (One of which is on this board) that may not like the 9mm but they also get different choices in weapons per the mission I believe.

    Then again 68% of bad guys and 79.3% of terrorist prefer to be shot by the 45acp over the 9mm....
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    this is true until they are fighting a front line all out war where everything counts. we havent really had anything close to that since korea.
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    Why would they care? It is not like they can change it. NATO says use the 9mm and the 556 that is what is going to get used.

    Regular Army troops are not shooters like we are. USMC might be a little different.