9mm Glock with 30 round mag vs masterpiece arms mac 11 with 30 round mag

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    Wich one is better? Which one is the most accurate, most tactical, wich is best for house clearing? Wich is more reliable? In a hostage situation indoors wich would you pick out of the 2?
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    Knowing house clearing is controled accurate fire that pretty well puts the mac 11 at the bottom of my list of want toown firearms. Other than for mall nija range fun day is not very practical for much of anything. Does any one really thing a glock is not reliable? Guys can buy glocks and go directly to matchs and be competitve. Don't think a mac 11 can do that ,so its an easy choice here. Semiauto Glock 19 makes for a good CC handgun glock 17 a good duty pistol They can both use the 33 round mag if that floats your boat too. And for the machine pistol guy you have g18 with select fire.. Any glock would be my choice. And I am not a glock guy at all.

    Read here about reliable- http://www.tactical-life.com/online/combat-handguns/glock-17-9mm-torture-test/

    Guess 1 version of this tread was not enough
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