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    I noticed that Springfield just came out with a new XD, the XDs .45 ACP. I saw a youtube video from NutNFancy's visit to the SHOT Show 2012. The term 'Single Stack' was used to classify:confused: the handgun.

    Does 'Single Stack' refer to the clip/magazine? I only have hands-on experience with a Glock 22, its a buddy's gun, I'm assuming that that clip/magazine is a 'Double Stack' because the witness holes; is that correct? Also assuming, that a 'single stack' clip/magazine isn't a new thing what manufactures make a 'single stack' 9mm? I'm open to any make not just Springfield or Glock.

  2. aandabooks

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    Single Stack/Double Stack refers the the alignment of the bullets in the magazine. Single Stack allows for a slimmer handgun grip. It also allows less bullets in the magazine.

    Most all 1911s in .45 are single stack. I can't speak to other calibers.

    I looked at a Kel-Tec 9mm awhile back that had a single stack mag.

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    my sig 239 .40 is a single stack
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    If you are looking for a small carry 9mm, look at the Kahr 9mm's and the Ruger LC9. There are several more out there but these are good ones. There will be some other opinions on other mfg. If larger, there are several 1911 style 9mms.
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    The xd's are fine pistols but they do tend to weight more than many like sized pistols. Lot at Kahr , KT amd Ruger.
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    After 16 years of CCW and having carried everything from a full size SIG 226 to noisy crickets like the NAA Guardian and several 1911's I can tell you that the most effectively concealed weapon I've yet totted is my Kahr PM 9 carried ITP in a belly band rig w/1 back up mag.

    This gives me 14 rounds of 147 gr 9pm in a package that is shootable, concealable, and of adequate stopping power assuming well placed hits.

    It took 12 years and about 7k spent on guns and holsters to reach this conclusion but it was a fun journey and one I do not regret.:)

    A former draw back to Kahr pistols was the price but their new CM line puts them right in line with other builders. Google PM9 VS CM9 for an explanation of the differences between the 2 lines. Personally I wish the CM's had been available 4 hrs ago when I got my PM. Could have saved $250 and had just as good a gun.

    Good Luck

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    I like the Walther PPS. Less than an inch thick and available in 9mm & .40. Have the 9mm. Comes with three magazines - 5/6/7 in single stack. The 5 shot is about an inch shorter than 7 shot. Good for CCW. 7 shot as back up...if ever needed weapon is in hand and concealed is out the proverbial window.