9mm cartridge overall length?

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    I have reloaded for my 9mm CZ for many years. My question is: Is the COL really, really that important? I do the "plunk test" & try my best to keep COL exactly the same for each round, however I do get variations from round to round....vary approx 2/1000s to 5/1000s in COL. I have never had any problems, no misfires, no high pressure signs. I have read that with the 9mm cartridge COL is critical & even small differences in length can cause problems, should I be concerned about my loads? My usual loading is 4.3 to 4.7 grs of Titegroup under an Everglades 115 gr JHP, my COL is 1.095 + or - as stated above........so what do you guys think??
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    You have to seat the bullet deep enough to feed in and out of the magazine, that may be deeper than necessary to plunk in a barrel or guage.

    CZ'S tend to have tighter chambers than say Sig or Glock.

    If your reloads cycle properly, go bang and hit the target, the carry on.
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    short story, no. Are you competing and need 50' 1" circle poi? Then maybe.

    Don't push the OAL, and get bullets stuck in the chamber and the slide not go into battery... trust me on this one :)
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    AOL is important, of course.

    But it's not the end all and be all that some make it out to be.

    Use common sense, but don't let yourself get worked up into a lather over it.
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