9mm - Beretta PX4 & Glock 34

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    Went to Reed's Indoor Range in Santa Clara this morning. I fired the Beretta PX4 Storm and the Glock 34. I had previously made my mind up on the 9mm PX4 and then I began to think the slide was not clean enough. So today was the beginning of another walkthrough of the 9mm I can rent at Reed’s. I wanted to rent an M&P 9mm but it was not available. I have shot the M&P .40 S&W and liked it. I also like the Glocks and have fired several in both 9mm and .40 S&W but the Beretta just feels the best in my hands. The Berretta sights seem to work well for me. I still think the slide with the safety at the back makes it a bit horned.

    Yesterday I spent a bit of time on the Internet researching the USPCA. I think I may join it in May. My fundamentals need significant improvement and my thinking is this may be an avenue to get in more practice time and have some fun. The Production class would be the entry point for me it seems. Therefore a 9mm would be the platform I expect. So in the next few weeks I will finalize my 9mm purchase. I will shoot the M&P and a few other ones including Glocks before I make the decision. A note on the Glocks, I still don’t have the secret on how to get a clean release of the Glock mag. It just doesn’t drop without a lot of manipulation of the mag release button. Probably the shooter and not the Glock.

    Here is the Glock at 7 yards and then the Beretta. I still have some shaking of the front sight with both guns. I need to fix that consistently. I need to fix sight alignment and trigger manipulation / control as well along with my breathing. :) But I am having fun trying! I have always been a slow starter but when I put in the effort and do my homework it normally comes together.

    I am happy to support the firearms and ammunition industries in the process!

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