9mm barrel for Glock 22

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    Probably asked and answered but I took a Firearms I class at local college and had the opportunity to shoot the Hell out of 9mm (17); never a 9 fan but was surprised at accuracy. Thinking about a 9mm barrel for my .40 Glock22; understand would also need a 17 magazine. Any information about this would be helpful.
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    Lone Wolf Distributors - Product Detail

    I use one of these conversion barrels in my GLOCK 23

  3. Ram Rod

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    I think you will also need the 9mm ejector. This has a different angle than the .357/40 caliber models ejector. It may work okay as is, but I wouldn't be 100% confident in it. Aftermarket barrels are a lot cheaper than Glock OEM barrels.
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    I have the Lone Wolf barrel for my Glock 23. I've put 100 rounds of WWB through mine with no issues. I used a new Glock factory 15 round Glock 19 magazine. I made no other changes to my gun (no extractor or ejector changes). It tends to eject brass more back vs. right as I had a few hit me in the brim of my hat but other than that it's very accurate and no complaints!
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    9mm will work in a .40 mag...and i've had no problems with the extractor on the g22 with 9mm. The ejectors are different, but i have had no issues.
    Just make sure you have the 9mm barrel on when shooting 9mm. I've seen guys put 9mm down the pipe on a .40.
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