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    Recently picked up a rock island R1 1911 in 9mm at the BX. wasn't sure about the quality, but only paid $380 for it. Seems to shoot fairly well but it does have a few flaws. GI sights, Dove tail safety is awful, needs trigger work, Titan firing pin, beefed up extractor, skel trigger/hammer and new grips. Really only good thing going for it is decent barrel an fairly good frame/slide fit. Looking for any info/ issues others have had???

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    As 9mm 1911's go they are not all that bad. Yeah they need as little TLC but really most 1911's do anyway unless you shell out some good money. RIA is a decent company. I've had a couple of the 45ACP 1911's. Look at some of the the companies making a 9mm 1911. Yeah they will not need as much mods as the RIA but the sticker is a good bit higher too. I've got a decent bit more in my Springer 9mm 1911. and still had to make some mods to get it where I wanted it.

    Nice pick up. I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun with it.;)