9mm 115gr Lead shooting low

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    My 115gr lead round nose reloads are shooting 6" low out of two different pistols. SR9 and M&P 9c. But my 147gr FP lead reloads are shooting to point of aim. I am reloading with Bullseye in both and am running middle of the road charges. Not that there is a tremendous amount of range.

    Do I need to up the 115 loads a little higher? Also for some reason the 115s call for an OAL of 1.050" and the 147s are 1.155". Maybe I'm seating too deep on the 115s and leaving too large a gap until the bullet gets to rifling?
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    Believe it or not a light, fast bullet will shoot low through a handgun. This is counter intuitive, but the light fast bullet leaves the barrel before recoil has started moving the muzzle up. Going faster will only make matters worse.

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    The elapsed time in the barrel is longer for the heavier bullet. The muzzle rise is higher in the arc before the exit. The lighter bullet has a shorter lap time in the barrel exiting at a lower point in the muzzle rise. A higher front sight is needed to compensate for the heavier bullet.:)
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    I think what they are saying is if you are going to stick with the 115 grain bullet, you need to change your point of aim.

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    Fear not, I have been there and done that trying to adapt to other peoples reloads. New powders, new bullets or it could even be you shooting at different ranges.

    The cheapest solution is install high quality - adj sights ! Low n left or high n right - No Problem...

    The only problem is if the load shoots outside of the adj range of the rear sight. (Front Sight height counts as well). Like everything in life - there is a formula for that - App to follow...:p

    Note: most 9mm shoot better w heavier rds. SPR. Armory test for accuracy w 124 gr. fodder. Try changing grips as well - it worked for me w my XDM 4.5" (like changing hold on rifle)
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