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    Just took my Mosin Nagant to the range today. Someone on here once said that it kicks like a mule... NO KIDDIN':eek: It kicks as much as my 12 ga. Mossy Tactical! Couldn't hit $hit though at 100yds. Do I need a M/N specific sight tool? Shot Silver Bear 204 gr. and Brown Bear 185 gr. and had a hard time hitting paper. What gives? What's the best way to sight her in?
    Start at 50yds and get it to POA? Any suggestions would be great.:)
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    IIRC, most of these have a 200 yard zero- they are gonna shoot uncommonly high at 50. Would probably start by cleaning the barrel VERY well- many of these have been re-arsenaled, but that can leave junk in the bore. Then check for wear at the muzzle- GENTLY insert on unfired round in the muzzle- it should not be close to cartridge case/muzzle meeting- and it should not rock one side to the other. Muzzle wear generally caused by cleaning rod friction. CAN be helped by counterboring muzzle for an inch to clean out the damaged rifling IF that is the problem. Do not expect too much from milsurp ammo. Start with a clean rifle at 50 meters, see where you are. Good info on a lot of milsurp guns at www.surplusrifle.com. PS- have a 91-30 and M-44 that are good shooters- but have an M-38 that LOOKS great- shoots like crap. I guess made on a Monday after a purge of Commissars or something.... :rolleyes:

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    have you made it back to the range yet? I start at 50 with these rifles also. My M44 shoots pretty much right on at 50, and so does my M39. My 91/30 shoots high. I hold 6 O'clock on a 12" bull to get the shots in the center at 50. I'll try at 100 soon, but must get the Muzzle loader sighted in first.

    keep at it. i am learning to love the Mosin nagants.

    take care,

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    Not with the M/S. Went Mon. with my M1 Garand. Finally getting all eight shots on an 8" target at 100 yds. I'll head back next week w/ the 91/30.
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    Unless it was already counterbored, then the cartridge would go all the way to the neck. And that is not necessarily a bad thing. I have 4 counterbored Mosin Nagants, and only one doesn't shoot a tight group.
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    I agree with the six o'clock hold. My 91/30 shoots a little high at 100yds using surplus heavy ball which is 181gr, so the 204gr rounds might be falling a bit short.