9 X 25 and 460 Rowland

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    Being the semi proud owner of a Glock 20 and a .357 Sig conversion barrel (with .40 S&W on the way), I am considering a couple of less mainstream calibers. 9 X 25 Dillon and 460 Rowland (I will be getting the LW G21 slide by the end of the year).

    I know Canebrake has a Rowland, but I am not sure I am willing to spend over $300 for a conversion that will not get a bunch of use as I do not do much hunting.

    The 9 X 25 is a little different. I can get into it for just over $100 and playing with hypervelocity 9mm just sounds like fun. 88 grain Barnes copper solid HP at 2300 fps just begs for attention.

    Any personal experiences with the conversions for either in GLock pistols? I am interested also in the reloading aspects. I am an experienced loader (with over 35 years experience) so neither caliber would be too outrageous an adventure. I already load pretty much everything from .32 ACP to .45 Colt and .223 to .45-70.
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    i got and idea for a round, it would be very expensive. A gold plated diamond tip 223....pricey but not umpossible, imagine the power