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    read an article about 9.3mms, such as 9.3x64 etc. seemsit is a european thing mostly. any one have any expierence with em? thinking of maybe rebarreling a mauser action for one of them.
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    The .366 diameter bullets do very well indeed for elk,moose,and bear. The only reason they don't catch on better over here is due to ammo cost/availability or having to reload in order to avoid it.

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    We offer, and occasionally build a DG rifle in 9.3x64mm Brenneke. Some of the benefits of this cartridge is that it offers very close to 375 H&H Magnum performance in a cartridge that can be chambered in a standard long action length receiver. It is also perfect for Africa because it is a low pressure load, which adds a safety factor to the cartridge. See what happens when you leave a high pressure cartridge on the dash all afternoon when the temperature is 130 degrees plus (the new Hodgdon Extreme Powders are the only cure I'm aware of to date). The African PH's I know and deal with all like the older low pressure, heavy and wide bullet, 2,450 fps plus cartridges.

    Our European and African customers are the only ones who order it, but for bear and even large plains game, it is ideal. It has been used by many as an African DG cartridge with a lot of success, but I personally would err on the side of a larger and heavier projectile for the Big Five and associated hunting. I like for that application what I refer to as a "Stopping Rifle" in an appropriate cartridge (450 Rigby, 505 Gibbs, etc.), or something throwing a 400 plus grain bullet at a minimum of 2,450 fps, and the wider and deeper the bullet, the better.