8mm. Mauser Yugo Surplus available again

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by sheepdawg, Jan 15, 2019.

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    Just picked up 300 rounds of some 50s Yugo Surplus 7.92X57 (8mm.) Mauser. Centerfire Systems has some boxes of 15 on strippers. I bought a lifetime supply of this stuff when it was easy to find and cheap but I figured another 300 wouldn't hurt me too bad so I bit. For you 98 aficionados this stuff is usually real good, sometimes right there with the legendary Yugo M75. It $6.99 a box, 6.49 if you buy more than ten which isn't bad, 198 gr. and yes it is corrosive so get your hot water ready for the clean up after your trip to the range 8mm surplus.jpg .

    The batch I got is from 1951. The best batch I ever got and stuff that I guard religiously is a 1950 batch so maybe this will shine too. I have batches from 53, 56, and 59 also and the 59 is the worst but still decent.
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    Good stuff!

    I miss the old dirt cheap steel cased German WW2 stuff. I shot that by the ton.