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Discussion in 'General Shotgun Discussion' started by TopGun09, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. TopGun09

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    So I was talking with a friend, and he brought up the 870 bullpup kit. This being new to me, I instantly googled it, and oh man... That looks awesome!

    Does anyone have experience with this kit? Issues? Reliable? Cheap? Any input would be awesome! Don't want to buy another 870 and the kit if it's no good.
  2. John_Deer

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    It's a bullpup! I don't know how you expect to pump the little thing. The pistol grip will save you from getting slammed in the nose. Shotguns have had the same type of stock for 150 years and no one has made any major improvements. Bullpups are meant for men jumping out of planes. Most bullpups are pistol caliber because of the tiny stock. If you are going to form your own airborne division you will have a prototype. Not to mention the kit costs $298 plus shipping. I am not sure if a 28" overall length shotgun is legal.


  3. mountainman13

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    Seems kinda dumb to me to be honest. Can't help but wonder why it has a selector/safety lever and Glock style trigger. If it were for an auto loader I might be interested.

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  4. kfox75

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    Minimum overall length as per federal law is 26 inches. It would be legal under federal law : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long_gun

    What needs to be kept in mind is this. After buying a $400 870 and the $300 = shipping kit, you will still have only a $300 shotgun. If you are looking for a conversation starter that will be good for little else, buy the kit and build one. If you are looking for a practical HD option, buy a handgun or an H\D specific shotgun. Both would be better options than a bullpup.

    If you absolutely must have a bull pup, save your money and find a Mossberg 500 bullpup for sale. That way, you will be making a better investment over the long run.

    Note: I am not bashing the Remington 870. There are 2 of them in my collection, and both are well built, reliable shotguns that I trust when it comes to use in the field and my family's security. If I doubted the 870 it's self, I never would have bought one for myself, much less for my daughter. here are also 5 Mossbergs in my collection (most of them old enough to collect Social Security ;) ) and they are just as reliable. I only recommend the the 500 bullpup because if the market keeps going the way it has since the 1960s, it's value will continue to rise over the next 20 years. It's a better overall investment than the 870 kit would be.
  5. TopGun09

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    That is very interesting, about the 500 value going up over time. I had no idea about that.

    Well for home defense, already have a handgun and a shotgun. This would be for fun I suppose or maybe also HD. But you're right about 700$ and only having a 300$ shotgun still. Maybe this isn't worth it. More of a hey check this thing out, instead of a reliable HD gun. I mean what else would this thing be for? Definitely not hunting.

    Maybe it's best to skip this, even though it's kind of a cool toy to have. I could spend 700$ on something better... Maybe start an AR10 instead!

    Thanks for yours and everyone input!