80% receivers for 10/22

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    I've been doing some shopping around and looking for 10/22 receivers that are 80% cut. I am wanting to build my own 10/22 with heavy barrel and aftermarket stock set-up.

    I know I can get a bare-bones Ruger for under $220 and build off that but I would like to put my 07 FFL to use and I'm always looking to build as much as I can.

    Does anybody know a good source for 80% 10//22 receivers?

    I have already found one guy at ruger1022receivers on-line but he had little interest in selling to a business and his customer services skills were lacking.
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    I may be missing something. You want one 80& done?? Go over to rimefire central and ask there . They guys can put you in touch with info for all that dabbel in 10/22's. Some where a say recievers for 140 bucks new but ended up buying a early 70's beater for my build.

    Check out NO-DAK Spud recievers for 130 dollars . remember the reciever is the part thats registerd and you may not get one thats not finished for that reason.
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  3. GetBulletsandBrass

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    I am looking for both 80% and 100% receivers to do custom builds off of. I am an 07FFL (manufacture) and would like to be able to roll mark the receivers with my company information and serial number as I complete them.

    NoDak makes nice receivers but come with their name on them. I am looking for receivers to brand with my company info and go with my line of target match barrels.
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    Try Tacticle Machining. http://www.tacticalmachining.com/I know they maching AR's recievers. Some one told me they are doing 10/22 as well. They are not listed on thier website so you will have ot give them a call.

    Hope this helps.


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