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  1. Tenderribbs

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    Just bought me some 80 g Berger Hp/bt for my 223 at my LGS as far as I understand I should be able to fit these in my 223 magazine right? Or will they have to b single shot? Thanks
  2. 25-5

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    I should think that if you keep proper O.A.L. you should have no problem. The Berger bullets are high end for match grade reloading and pricey for blowing off 30 at a crack.

  3. jjfuller1

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    easiest answer... load some up to the specs, and try to see if they fit in a mag.

    my friend bought some 75gr fiocchi that was to long for the AR mag. shot fine but could ony do 2 at a time.
  4. Txhillbilly

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    The Berger data manual say's you can load them at 2.260",which is magazine length.
    I don't think they will shoot very well loaded that short,and you need a 1-8 or 1-7 twist rate to stabilize them.

    I've tried loading the Hornady 75gr A-Max's to magazine length,and they don't shoot worth a damn that short,but do really well from 2.350-2.390"
    A 75gr BTHP match bullet can be loaded at 2.260" all day long,and shoot really well.
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  5. locutus

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    Just my opinion, for however much (or little) it's worth. The 80 grain, and most other "super heavies" are best suited to rounds like the .22-250. Theres a 77 grainer specifically made for 5.56 military sniper ammo and it should be good to go. The other super heavies......not so much.

    The Mk 262 sniper ammo is loaded by Black Hills with the 77 Gr Sierra MK bullet.
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  6. Tenderribbs

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    I just shot some rounds of the 80g some at 2.260 , 2.350 and 2.55 to my surprise I shot a .70 MOA with he mag length ones! THe longer they got he more the spread . I used 22g of varget which is the smallest ammt recommended out of my DPMS 1 to 7 , 16in m4 rifle. Ill take the .70 all day not bad for Service rifle .peace
  7. gunnut07

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    I load mine at .010" off the lands. They are single shot only in my AR, and damn accurate out to 700 yards.
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