8 years worth of Chronograph data......

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    This is what I have shot successfully. BUT....keep in mind that ALL DISCLAIMERS APPLY. ALWAYS reduce your loads by a MINIMUM of 10% and work up from there. If you are shooting CCI #34 primers (for 308/7.62 Nato) be ADVISED as PER the Sierra number 4 loading manual that these are to be considered as magnum primers. Therefore...REDUCE your load above and beyond the initial 10% if you are using these primers!
    Here is the data:

    with an M1A Springfield in 7.62 Nato.
    ONce fired LC brass from scharch mfg.
    Large rifle winchester brand primers (standard)
    150 Grain Hornady brand BTSP bullets
    45.0 grains of varget brand powder
    HIgh 2755, LOW 2710, AVG 2722 Spread 45 Std Dev 18
    Very Accurate Load, tight groups, 1 in with IRON sights and 62 year old eyes!

    Radway green 1985 same rifle 2699 (one round only)

    Load as above (the 150grain hornady's) but through a FAL SAR 48 Match rifle
    High 2736, LOW 2696, AVG 2721 Spread 40 Std Dev 17

    FAL SAR 48 Match rifle
    Radway Green 1985
    High 2824, Low 2786, AVG 2801, Spread 38 Std Dev 20

    CAVIM 1990
    High 2666, Low 2633, AVG 2645, Spread 33 Std Dev 13
    These are both very accurate and are TIGHT groups. 1 in at 100 or less!!
    Wish I had 100 cases of each! (Radway and Cavim)

    M1A Springfield in 7.62 Nato
    Remington Peters Nickel Brass (easier to find)
    CCI # 34 (magnum rated) primers
    44.5 Grains Varget
    High 2761, Low 2742, AVG 2751 Spread 19 Std Dev 9

    CAVIM 1990 dated
    High 2716, Low 2699, AVG 2710, spread 17 Std Dev 9
    Very accurate as above in the FAL

    Bulgarian Makarov
    Sellier and Bellot ammo
    910 (one round with me only... too bad)

    Wolf brand for above
    High 1071 Low 1049, AVG 1057 Spread 22 Std Dev 11

    Savage Rifle, bolt, 1 in 8 twist Kreiger SS barrel 6.5 x .284
    Lapua Brass
    Lg Rifle Winchester Brand standard primer
    142 Sierra Match King MOLY coated
    48.3 Grains Hodgdon 4831 SC
    High 2735, LOW 2687, AVG 2716, Spread 48, Std Dev 25

    Savage Rifle, Bolt, 1 in 9.25 savage barrel .243 winchester
    R/P Nickel Brass
    Standard Large Rifle Winchester Brand primers
    75 Grain Hornady Brand VMAX MOLY coated
    39.7 grains Varget
    High 3308, Low 3212, AVG 3272, Spread 96 Std Dev 52

    AK type 56 Poly tech 7.62 x 39 (like an AK-47 but semi-auto only)
    Chicom copper washed bullets 1967 dated
    High 2374, Low 2345, Avg 2357, Spread 29, Std Dev 10

    Savage Rifle, Bolt, 25-06 savage barrel (shot out in 750 rounds!!)
    R/P Nickel Brass
    Standard large rifle Winchester brand primers
    117 grains Sierra BT MOLY coated
    40.8 Varget
    High 2747, Low 2734, AVG 2706 Spread 46, Std Dev 23
    This was the most WORTHLESS caliber I have ever owned. It became the 6.5 x .284

    YUGO M48 8 mm Mauser Bolt rifle.. from Ames for about $89 way back when
    8MM Turk surplus ammo 1944 date brass case on stripper clips
    Unassembled.. bullet weights 155.0, 154.9, 154.0, 154.0, and 153.9
    Powder is flake type weighs 49.1, 48.9, 49.2, 49.1 and 49.1 (pretty consistent)
    High 2836, Low 2800 AVG 2815 Spread 36, Std Dev 17

    Romanian Ammo 1972 date, painted laquered green steel case
    High 2621, Low 2602, AVG 2608, Spread 19, Std Dev 07

    |AR 15 DPMS 1 in 8 twist “service rifle” for NRA highpower
    LC Brass
    Standard small rifle Winchester brand primers
    77 grain sierra match king MOLY coated
    24.5 grains Varget
    High 2667, LOW 2600, AVG 2633, Spread 67 Std Dev 26

    Colt Govt Model 1911 in 45
    MIXED brass
    Large Standard Pistol Winchester brand primers
    200 grain semi wad cutter bevel based
    5.7 grains of Winchester #231 powder
    High 855, Low 827, Avg 845, Spread 28, Std Dev 10
    Same pistol, PMC brand factory loads 230 BALL FMJ
    High 826, Low 797, Avg 806, Spread 29, Std Dev 11

    This is through a Oehler 35 P Chronograph and is about 8 years worth of data
    Sadly, I’ve sold lots of these weapons. Just don’t have enough room for them.

    PS. the load in .223 (24.5 grains of Varget & 77 Gr Bullet in AR 15 Ser Rifle) and in .308 (150 hornady and 45.0 Varget in M1A) enabled me to "make" Marksman and then Sharpshooter in NRA highpower in about 8 months. Not bad for a cripple who is half blind and over 60!! I also got SS for long distance for 600 yd belly matches and Palma which is 800, 900, and 1000 yards with IRON sights. The 1000 yard match was shot with a bolt action target rifle in .308 using a 175 Sierra match king bullet at 44.5 grains Varget for 800 and 900. At 1000 yards it was same bullet but 45.0 grains of Varget and it STAYED supersonic at 1000 yards.

    REMEMBER...REDUCE your loads, wear EYE and EAR protection ALWAYS!
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    Thanks for the data Cav.

    Anyone using this data?

    Speak-up re-loaders!

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    The problem is that some of the statistics are missing important data, ie No projectile/powder mentioned,

    "Bulgarian Makarov
    Sellier and Bellot ammo
    910 (one round with me only... too bad)

    Wolf brand for above
    High 1071 Low 1049, AVG 1057 Spread 22 Std Dev 11

    It would be nice to see varying powders used in a certain weapon along with varying projectiles.

    Some of the info is good, some not so good.
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    The ONLY loads that are "missing the powder and bullet" data are FACTORY LOADS, That is the Sellior & Bellot 9 MM Makarov, The CAVIM surplus from Venezuela, Wolf Brand, Mauser Turk ammo and Romanian Ammo, and finally the Chicom AK ammo are all "factory loads" so I am not privy as to what powder they used. I did list the bullet weights where practical.
    All of the home loads have the powder, bullet weight / type, primer, and case info.
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    Sorry to hear you think the 25/06 as a worthless caliber.I have never know anyone to shoot out a barrel in any standard caliber in 750 rounds,unless they were loading max loads and with an OAL out to the lands.

    The 243 is known for being a barrel burner,but still most barrels will get 1500-2000 rounds out of them before they are eroded enough to need changing.

    I hope you have better luck with the 6.5 x 284 barrel burner.