7mm-08 vs 308

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by sharpshooter27, Nov 28, 2009.

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    i am trying to find a new gun. i was going to get a 308 but everyone kept telling me to check out the 7mm-08. i dont have any experience with the 7mm. do you guys have any? if you do can you tell me some things about it like its effecive range and the biggest animal it can take down and anything else you can think of. also how it is compared to the 308. Thank you!
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    Range and power is the same class as .308, recoil is milder. down side? Ammo is not as common as .308. Upside- "Honey, I can really save a lot of money reloading these 7mm-08 cartridges."

    Personally, I think the 7mm Mauser, and some of the 6.5 rounds of years past are VERY under-appreciated. Accurate, hard hitting, and do not stomp the living bejesus out of the shooter. Yeah, I know your .499 Whackenstompen can kill a rhino at 900 meters. Most of us do not need to kill a rhino everyday- 900 meters or not- and would be happy for something that can knock Bambi's daddy on his butt at 250.