7400 autoloader problem

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing Forum' started by 12bhunting, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. 12bhunting

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    the action seems to be binding up during the first 1" when I pull it back by the finger handle. I have removed the fore stock and when I use the rails it works perfect. I removed the trigger assembly and I can work the action with just a finger nail from the bottom as long as I am pulling straight back. It is only when I use the handle on the side and only the first 1", after the initial 1" it works fine. Any suggestions besides tossing it out?
  2. stalkingbear

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    Does it cycle normally when shooting it? Is it malfunctioning? It sounds like there's a burr or wore spot that's giving you trouble when pulling it from the side. Disassemble it and check the bolt and inside of the receiver for abnormal spots. Make sure the bolt is rotating ok in the bolt carrier when pushed back or pulled forward. Pics of them would help a TON.


  3. CA357

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    They definitely do not like hot loads. They can ding the rails on the top inside the receiver. Run your finger along the the top of the receiver and see if you can feel anything like a burr or a ding. You can't always see it.

    I had that problem with one I used to have. I bought it used and the previous owner must have run some pretty hot loads. I cleaned it up and it ran fine.
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    The lugs in those guns are one of their biggest problems.
    Due to the speed and force the lugs hit each other with, these guns are eating themselves from the first shot on.
    I had one guy bring on in that was so worn, only one and one quarter lugs were making contact.
    The lugs must be kept clean and a good gun grease on them. As was stated, save the hot loads for your bolt guns.

    Do look for anything else rubbing as the action goes back.

    Check those lugs carefully, you can feel the wear with your finger and observe the contact with your eyes. If badly worn, it's a wall hanger.
    John K