70 Series vs 80 Series

Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by glockfire, Oct 6, 2008.

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    Which one do you feel is more safe? Is the 70 more reliable than the 80?
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    I don't know which is more safe but I can tell that the military took an original 1911 and set up a bullet proof barrier as I recall about 20 feet high. They had a series of soldiers throw the loaded cocked and lock gun over the barrier several hundred times until the grips were gone as well as the rear and front sights were beat round. The stayed on safety and when they were done the last solider doing the throwing knock the gun off safety and shot it until the magazine was empty without a hitch. I know that all of my Kimbers are original 1911 style and I would assume most if not all other clones would be the same.

  3. Dillinger

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    I am no expert on the 1911, though I am a huge fan of the weapon and it's designer John Browning.

    I believe that the "Series 80" was the design change that incorporated internal firing pin block. That was incorporated in like 1982 or 1983, something like that.

    As such, I would have to say that improvement made the weapon safer, though I don't believe it was "unsafe" in the first place.

    The 1911 is the pistol that is the godfather of all modern semi auto handguns, and I believe it to be superior, in either design, to just about everything out there. :D

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    Quite an interesting story , one I've never heard before , however the firing pin block wasn't added to prevent a weapon in "Condition One" from going off it was added because of all the stories of the guns with the safety off being dropped and firing and if I recall the state of California instituting their first list of "Legal guns" with a requirement of having to pass a drop test with the safety off .

    I've personally been reading Gun Magazines since 1973 and I can't recall any articles or write in questions on this subject or any on the subject of the 1911 going full auto unintentionally .

    I do recall starting to hear of these phenomenons in the early 80's which coincides with the popularity of the still quite popular "Gun Games" like IPSC and other formalized competitions and the craze for a "Hair Trigger" often less than 2 lbs .

    The 1911's trigger as designed , is one of the simplest , easiest and most consistent to get the weapon to fire compared to the swinging link styles on other semiauto pistols .

    With a stock or "SLIGHTLY" lightened trigger of no more than 4 lbs which can often be accomplished by simply removing any rough spots , burrs and slight irregularities on touching trigger components you can achieve a consistently smooth , safe and very manageable trigger for use in any purpose .

    My understanding is that many of the old centerfire Bullseye records were set in a bygone era with stock 1911 service weapons often built by an Army Armorer with nothing more than an assortment of parts in a bin and that to this day many of those records still stand .

    If the Series 70 design was an unsafe one no one would still be making them as they would have been sued out of existence by now , at least in this country .

    O and BTW if you can't shoot well with a crisp clean 4-5 lb trigger on a 1911 you serious lack any skills for shooting and are making an unsafe gun as an excuse for your shortcomings , when you should be working and acquiring the correct skills .
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    For a real tortute test I remember Detonics put one of their 1911 models through a 31,000 rounds fired, then shot the gun out of a civil war cannon before firing it again!