7 shot cylinder in a 6 shot course of fire

Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by fitzy, Jan 30, 2008.

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    I'm a newbie from across the Lake so please be gentle. As some of you may be aware handguns were banned in the UK. Exceptions being blackpowder and long barrelled revolvers. The only long barrelled revolvers being imported into the UK are made by Taurus, fitted with 12" barrels and a steel rod or brace is fitted to the heel of the handle to ensure the revolver complies with minimum length requirements.

    In competition, courses of fire are 6 shots. Now I'm interested in the .357 magnum but it is 7 shot. Would an empty cylinder be a hindance during reloads? The alternative is 6 shot .44 or .45ACP but as I already have the reloading gear for .38/.357 extra expense would also be incurred.

    I've no prior experience of handguns.

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    Welcome aboard. I own a Taurus 7 shot revolver, and must qualify with it annually. The qualification course is for 6 round revolvers, so what I do is load seven, shoot six and eject a live round during reload/s.

    Here's mine;