7.7 Jap Reload Data??

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    Anybody have any data for the 7.7x58? I have some pulled 7.62x54 .310 dia. 150 gr. (Actually they range from 149 to 150 gr.) boatail spizers and would like to use Reloader-15 if possible (I have a ton of it!!).... As well ive heard people using the military 7.62x54 powder and reducing the load 10-15%... Any thoughts, suggestions?

    Ive found that RL-15 is used in quite a few old mil-surps and im sure theres gotta be a load out there..... :confused:
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    Just bumping this.... With all the others reloading for old mil-surps, I cant be the only one reloading a old type 99? :confused:

    I have a new bullet type 150 gr. .311 Speer hot-cor, flat based (not boat tail) any data for it using RL-15?
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    None of my books are showing RL-15.
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    The link doesn't work anymore, do you by chance have a screen shot of this or any info on using powders other than hodgen (only data I can find, not against using, just like having options) and did you find info on using the powder from 7.62x54r
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    This is very interesting digest about the 7.7 "Jap". I use the .303 Brit loading data. The 7.7 can be pushed with care 100 fps faster than the American .308. The .308 bullet however is superior as ranges increase. The Japanese violated the Geneva Rules by thinning the jacket in the rear of the bullet and increasing the lead base. This caused the bullet to run nose up causing incredible wounds. :(

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    Here you go. Use Bing to search for firearms related items
    http://www.handloads.com/loaddata/default.asp?Caliber=7.7 X 58 Arisaka&Weight=All&type=Rifle&Source=
    Try 180grs. S&B VMSBT.311 with 43.2grs VV N140, primer CCI 200, OAL 81,0mm. Should give groups from 50mm. But use no higher loads this load is close to the maximum. Load datas without any guarantee. The shooters magazine "VISIER" in Germany[​IMG] tested loads with the same bullet and 44.0grs. N140 and wrote that it was the maximum without any sign of to high chamber pressure.( Speed:737m/s, Pressure: 3291bar)
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    Geneva convention has nothing to do with it. It deals with ethical treatment of captured soldiers. The Hague convention deals with projectiles and weapons of war. The USA was the only country not to sign it. The Brit MKVII .303 bullet uses a hollow nose (not point, still FMJ) causing the bullet to tumble after impact. Seems your info is all wrong. The Japanese used a bullet design to maximize copper, which was in short supply, lead was cheap. BTW, My Dad told me about Marines in the pacific cutting the tips off M2 ball to make it a HP. The Japanese did the same. The Soviets also tried to copy the MKVII bullet, but had little success.
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    Dont use the old powder... Just throw out for fertilizer.

    I have the RL-15 load written down, but none of the others.

    My best results have come from using the Horandy 174 gr. .3105 bullet, Greek HXP (30-06) brass, and H4895.

    Be careful when using the .303 data, the .303 Rl-15 data would make my brass stick in the chamber, and ruin the brass. Not bad, but just enough...

    Another thing I learned, mine do not like Norma brass, its too soft and will bulge in the loose Arisaka chamber. Thats why I like the thicker mil-surp stuff. So far the HXP has the closest base dimension to 7.7 That ive found out of '06 brass

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    Yea I loaded 11 rounds today (all the projectiles I had) using pulled ~150 grain bullets from 7.62x54r rounds and 30-06 brass that I reformed. They fit the chamber well and look pretty good. Loaded them at the recommended start load for the only powder I could find that was listed on the load data that came with lee dies. None of the local gun stores had .311 diameter projectiles so I'm using these to make sure the rifle functions well. Hope to have a report on how they fired soon. But it will probably be a couple weeks before I am able to go to my parents range. (Currently live in city limits and no indoor ranges around here allow high powered rifles)

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    Here's another source of load data for the 7.7x58:

    I like to tinker and some yrs ago I fixed up this rifle from a "bubbaized mess":

    I also reloaded the 174 gr Hornady bullet. Initially, tried 5 powders - Varget, IMR-4064, IMR-4350, IMR-4895 & H4895.
    Found the 4064 to be the best of the bunch. Killed several deer with that rifle and load - Worked great. Don't know about that lighter 150 gr bullet, but if you continue to reload the 174 Hornady - Give IMR-4064 a try.

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    Sorry, no suggestion for 7.7 Jap load data for you. Have tried .310 diameter bullets in my 7.65x53 Argentine rifle that uses same diameter bullet as the 7.7 Jap, 303 Enfield with mediocre results for accuracy.

    However, spoke with a gent who showed up at our range with a sporterized and scoped 7.7 type 99 rifle. He'd paid $100 for it at a local pawnshop a few days before and was shooting it for the first time. I'd noticed the Arisaka rifle on his shooting bench and a box of Remington 30-06 ammo, which caused me chat with him. The rifle had been rechambered to 30-06....still had the 7.7 military barrel which some gunsmith had stamped 30-06 near the chamber. So, he's going to shoot .308 bullets down a .311 or so bore. He will fire a couple of rounds at a 25 yd target to check the zero of the cheapo old scope on it and then end up shooting at 100 yds. He will find me on the firing line to show me his target when he'd finished the box of Remington, telling me "I think this one is a keeper." LOL, darn if he had nothing but 3 shot cloverleafs on his target.
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    Here is where I started with my nephew's type 99. Settled with 43gr of 4064 behind a .312 150gr hornady spire point. Be sure to start low and work up for your 7.7.