7.62x54r Bulgarian Berdan / Brown Bear Boxer

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    I have an M44 Mosin Nagant. It is a lot of fun to own and shoot, and show off and stuff.

    For antelope season (starting Oct 1), I plan to take it out west. This is not my antelope & mule deer gun, I have some other gear for that. But for prairie dog, and plinking, I figured I might break this old piece out and give it the go that it is itching for.

    AMMO: I have Bulgarian light ball (157 gr I think), Berdan primed. But with the Berdan, I figured I'd be under too much pressure to clean up the gun right away. So I bought a load of Brown Bear 157 gr. Boxer primed rounds.

    Got the lighter ammo because of the distance we're firing in Wyoming. 300/400/500 yards.

    Your expert opinions on this - what am I in for, what are experiences?

    Also, finally found tracers for this gun on http://ammunitiontogo.com/. The weight of the bullet is not spec'd, but if I can get the tracers in 157gr, that should be a help - no?
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    well hell..... now I like the M44 and can hit regular with it at 100 yards easy but those ranges your talking with this gun I dont think you got a chance in he77 of hitting much, as for the plinking..... go for it.