7.62x54 round

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    I just recently bought a mosin nagant and they told me the ammo for this weapon is 7.62x54, how does that round differ from the common 7.62x39?
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    The 7.62x54 is 15 milimeters longer than 7.62x39. Both have the same bullet diameter of 7.62 milimeters. The 7.62 is the same diameter as used in .30:06, .308, .30 cal.

    7.62x51 NATO is the military version of a .308, although the military round is slightly lower powered than the civilian.

    For rough comparison, I believe the 7.62 x 54 a notch below 30:06 in terms of ballistics. The 7.62X39 is close to 30:30.

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    the 30-06 case holds ~5 more grains of water. milsurp to milsurp the 30-06 has the edge. for off the shelf hunting ammo or handloads there is no difference
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    Here's a visual...

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    You are partially correct they all do share the 7.62 designation but that only pertains to the bore dia. or measurement across the lands. 7.62 mm = .300" or 30 Cal. however the groove to groove dia. between the US and Russian rifle can vary greatly. My particular Mosin measure .300" across the land and .312 across the grooves

    Your US made rifles like the 30-06 and .308 use a bullet that measures .308 in dia. while your Russian 7.62 x 54 and 7.62 x 39 will be loaded with bullet that run between .310 and .310.5 it possible that you may find surplus ammo or new imported ammo that is loaded with slightly larger or small bullets at times.

    The 7.62 x 39 falls closer to the 30-30 ballistics and is more of a short to med range cartridge while the 54r is similar to the 308 and is better suited for med. to long range.

    This site has pretty much about anything you want to know about the Mosin family of rifles. http://7.62x54r.net/