7.62x39 sks sporter value Please

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    If this is the wrong forum for this question, please let me know and I will move it. I have a Chineese 7.62x39 I would like to sell but honestly don't know what it is worth. Stamping says "sks sporter 7.62x39 Made in China by Norinco Labanu inc. Ronkonkoma N.Y." The rifle appears in be in nice condition and has the cleaning rod attached. This is the thumb hole stock version. No mag.


    7.62X39 "Sporter" SKS

    Hello all/Respoince to "Sharpshooter"

    Ron L here = SERESURPLUS

    If I am correct, You have the SKS with the Thumbhole stock that takes SAtandard AK mags? You need to find out that before ya go any further? If it's a SKS Spoter as ya say it's maked I beliueve it is? Do you have an AK or Mags to try it? If not, check your local gun shop, thought many here don't carry mags for AK? ASk aroud friends or buddies will be sure someojne will have one? That way you can try is?

    If it's the Old style SKS Sporter, it might have the magazine internally required removed? Thats so someone could put in one of the Replaceable 30 or 20 round extended mags as the Original SKS is a Fixed in Place 10 shot mag, some of the earlt SKS Sporters, many had a 16" Barrel vice 20 " barrel were fitted with the standard 10 shot SKS mag! If thats the case, you can Buy an extended mag from many dources, but I like tapco's 20 round model as it works great and the warranty to to fit and feed, get another 20 or 30 round extended and you might have jamming problems or hard to laod or more?

    As for Value? Hmm, Till ya get a mag for it, your not lokijg too well?/ LOL Once ya have the AK mag toi stick in it or the other repaceable or fixed i place mag back in, I'd look around the 250-350 range! Dependat on condition they will bring that here in WV and maybe more other places? Depends on condition, what mag it takes and Interest? If it's the AK mag model as I expect hold to the 250-350 range, if not, ya might ask like 50-75 or 100 less? Ya might still sell if for more, but they run abiout that here foir a standard Model, the "SPORTER" is a little harder top find, but none of the Norenco SKS were or are RARE!

    RON L

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    I'm no expert, but have a fine SKS myself. If you are not sure what different mags look like, here is a standard SKS mag:[​IMG] Notice the tang on the front of the mag.

    And this is an AK mag: [​IMG] No tang on the front of the mag.

    How do you like your SKS?

    Dave :)
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    It looks like it uses the ak mag. I tried the mag from my other ak, it did lock into place but seamed a little stiff.
    I have never fired the chineese sks, but have fired a few rounds out of my Bulgarian AK. The Bulgarian AK I wouldn't trade for the world:D

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    Sks sporter

    The sks sporter was made pre-ban and takes a standard ak47 clip (no tounge) they are a shorter gun and if unchanged they came with a wooden stock with a thumb hole in it. No zip strip loader on the bolt and no baonette lug holes. But supirior to ak47 as it is not stomped out of sheet metal. Very rare as they were limited production before janet reno
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    sks value

    well, that depends. if you're going to sell it, how good a salesman are you? that's what matters, whatever you can get somebody to pay.
    just did some lookin around, i've seen prices on these types of sks rifles vary from $300 all the way up to $1400 (this guy had a bunch of stupid crap on the rifle and some extra mags...i just laughed)
    i looked on GB, GA and on AA.
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    I will give you $50.:D
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    SKS Sporter

    I too have that version of the SKS thumb hole with ak mags. Not for sale though, never know when I may need that 40 round clip. lol
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    Also looking for a little input on value of an SKS. Mine is SKS M, Norinco, and it takes the AK mag. But it doesn't have a thumb hole stock.
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    This one has been going a while, LOL.

    The SKS's that take the AK mags do demand a premium. Prices seem to vary by area and rifle condition and luck. I paid a bit over $300 for a standard Norinco in good condition with a few accessories maybe a year and a half ago. If it had been a -M, i probably would've coughed up another $100-150, myself.

    I would comb through the ads for SKS on gunbroker, and consider that GB is often a bit on the high side.

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    Do you still have the SKS for sale?

    If you Still have the SKS for sale I would be interested in Buying, Name your price .I use to have the same Version and Have been looking for one since.