7/62 X 54r reloading

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    I am looking to start reloading ammo for my Mosin, Only one problem I cant find any brass or bullets! Does anyone of my fellow Mosiniacs have any ideas where I can find the necessary supplies (casings,primers and lead) I am not one to buy into the whole "You cant reload that ammo" bit. ANY help is greatly appreciated. (PS) My next project for this rifle is mounting a jmecks strap scope and going to send the bolt to Rock Solid to get a new ball.:cool:
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    Slug your bore some of the mosins were tight enough to use 308 bullets if not you can use the 303 bullets (303 is actually .310). I found that I can buy the wolf gold ammo cheaper than I can buy empty brass. The wolf gold is brass and it is boxer primed so you can use it to reload.

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    Only folks making brass for this caliber seems to be Norma or Lapua (boxer type)..
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    There are several makers of brass, boxer primed cartridge cases - Prvi, Sellier & Bellot, Norma, etc. Google 7.62x54R Brass and see what pops up. Or buy some brass boxer primed ammo, and save your brass.

    As RJ said, some will give decent accuracy with .308, most are going to go better with .310. You can also find cast bullets that will give you lower costs- keep your loads reasonable for a cost boolit, you may be surprised.

    You can definitely reload the caliber- I personally would not attempt to reload the steel cased berdan primed milsurp cases unless I had to.
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    Rcbs dies come with both 308 and 311 expander ball. Very good dies for the x54r.

    Brass can be had by buying privi partisan then reloading it. Thats the cheapest way. Many online ammo sellers have reloadable brass cased non corrisive x54r available. Buyin new brass is about the same as buying loaded ammo. Cheaper to buy loaded then reload.