7.62 Russian into 7.7 Japanese

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    Just got done turning some 7.62x54r into 7.7x58 Jap.... After TONS of research I think I figured it out... (Id be afraid to do this in anything but a Arisaka!) The projectiles measure 3.105" and weigh 149-150 gr. Hopefuly they shoot pretty decent, Ive found some similar bullets online and If they shoot decent I can load them for my Arisaka and Mosin, instead of buying seprate bullets for both...
    OK, again I used pulled 7.62 measuring 3.105", weighing 149-150 Gr., reformed military 30-06 brass to 7.7 specs., and REDUCED the load using the military powder.

    Heres the "before & after" pics...

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    They both use the same .311 bullet. So do .303 Enfields. I've been reloading pulled Russian bullets into .303 casings for years.