60 minutes 4/7/13

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    60 minutes 4/07/13
    OK just watched 60 minutes on the Sandy Hook parents, and a few inconsistencies were noted.
    1. Crowd count was 16 judging two parents per that represent 8 out of 22.
    2. This in turn leaves a huge gap in the victims count
    3. Only 6 in this group talked, 4 parents husband wife about their two kids, and two men about a teacher and the school shrink for a total of 4 victims represented.
    4. Why were the rest of the crowd mute, only nodding or simply smiling on occasion?
    5. Add that several og the group were standing in the rear arms crossed in a defensive posture, highly suspicious behavior.
    6. Were there actually only the 6 representing and the rest were maybe actors or extras?
    7. In a scene where the parents lobbied their state for gun legislation, only 4-5 individuals were present, where were the rest?
    8. During the show they were led by the interviewer into their response.
    9. 4 out of the 16 monopolized the conversation for the entire 40 minute segment.
    10. Background checks, they want it but failed to note that Lanza failed his when he attempted to purchase a firearm just before the shooting he was denied in his background check….
    11. Failed to report His mother had guns that were already illegal by their state law…
    12. Let it slip that Lanza had the gun safe in his room, being mentally disabled this is contrary to federal law as it is for criminals….
    13. Why any parent would let a mentally ill kid have a gun safe with the combination and free access to all her firearms, again contrary to federal law.
    14. They want magazine bans and background checks that do not work; in 2012 of the over 77,000 denials in these background checks that they claim do not exist only 44 were ever followed up on by the government. what they really admitted is they want single shot guns no guns with magazines, repeating the same lines over and over they were simply parroting what they were told to say.
    15. 41 separate laws state and federal were broken by Lanza in his heinous acts, how would it have helped had there been one or two more and he broke 42 or 43 instead of 41?
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    a complete gun-grab agenda piece if I ever saw one. there is no effort on the part of the news media to hide their agenda here. sickening.

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    Please read the title at the thread- see what it says about positive stories?
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