6 Americans on Medical Mission Killed in Afghanistan

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    6 Americans Among Foreign Doctors Killed in Afghanistan

    6 Americans on Medical Mission Killed in Afghanistan

    (Aug. 7) -- Six Americans, a Briton and a German all working for a Christian medical charity in Afghanistan have been ambushed and killed by militants, their group said today.

    Two Afghan translators were also killed with the eight foreign aid workers – three women and five men – whom they'd been helping. Their bodies were found riddled with bullets next to their abandoned vehicles in a mountainous area of Badakhshan province, the provincial police chief told The New York Times.

    The victims were a group of foreign medical personnel who'd been working at an eye care center in remote Nuristan, and were returning to the Afghan capital when they were ambushed, the International Assistance Mission said in a statement on its website. The charity lost contact with the group on Wednesday evening, and a local shepherd later found their bodies and alerted Afghan police, CNN reported.

    "We object to this senseless killing of people who have done nothing but serve the poor. Some of the foreigners have worked alongside the Afghan people for decades," the IAM statement said, noting that the charity has worked in Afghanistan since 1966, making it the longest-serving NGO there.

    This is one of the largest death tolls for foreign aid workers in Afghanistan in a single incident, and the deadliest episode for American civilians there since a suicide bomber killed seven CIA agents at a base in eastern Afghanistan last year. It also underscores the danger for charity workers there, whom the Taliban often view as collaborators with U.S. and NATO forces, rather than humanitarian non-combatants. Earlier this summer, gunmen and suicide bombers stormed the northern Afghan offices of the U.S.-based DAI charity, killing at least five people.

    One of the victims of this week's ambush, a female British doctor identified as 36-year-old Karen Woo, had set up a Facebook page for the fated Nuristan expedition, requesting donations for the charity and posting photos of herself and Afghan children. Another photo shows at least two SUVs on a rocky path in Nuristan surrounded by snow-capped mountains, in a hauntingly idyllic scene not far from where the group was killed.

    Woo also wrote a blog for another group, Bridge Afghanistan, which is carrying a message from one of her colleagues today, noting the "terrible news" and confirming the doctor's death. Before departing for Nuristan, Woo wrote that the expedition would "require a lot of physical and mental resolve and will not be without risk."

    "But ultimately, I believe that the provision of medical treatment is of fundamental importance and that the effort is worth it in order to assist those that need it most," she wrote.

    Also among those killed was Tom Little, an American optometrist from Delmar, N.Y., who'd been working with IAM in Afghanistan for decades, supervising eye hospitals in Kabul and smaller clinics in several other towns. He was one of those forced to evacuate the country in August 2001, after eight Christian aid workers were arrested for allegedly trying to convert Afghans to Christianity. But he returned to live in Afghanistan after the U.S. invasion.

    Nothing was left behind at the scene of the attack – passports, wallets nor any of the medical professionals' equipment or personal items – suggesting robbery could have been a motive. But Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahed told VOA News and other agencies that his group's fighters suspected the doctors of being "Christian missionaries."

    "We killed them all," Mujahed was quoted as saying. He didn't offer proof, and it's possible that bandits were instead to blame. In the past, the Taliban has misleadingly claimed responsibility for attacks to exaggerate its power.

    Badakhshan is a mainly ethnic Tajik province of northern Afghanistan that borders neighboring Tajikistan. Ironically, it was one of the few Afghan provinces that was autonomous and not under tight Taliban control when the Islamic militia ruled Afghanistan before the 2001 U.S.-led invasion.

    Once its work was completed in Nuristan, the medical group had decided to head back to Kabul via Badakhshan because they thought it would be the safest route, IAM director Dirk Frans told The Associated Press.

    A third Afghan man who'd been traveling with the group survived the ambush and is being questioned by police, the provincial police chief, Gen. Agha Noor Kemtuz, told Al-Jazeera.

    "He told me he was shouting and reciting the holy Quran and saying 'I am Muslim. Don't kill me'," Kemtuz said. He said the survivor described how the group was surrounded by armed men on the road and then attacked, and the doctors were shot to death one by one.


    Sad news indeed, my thoughts go out to the families of the innocent victims:mad:
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    Barbarians...killing Doctors that would help their kids.

    Yeah....that makes a lot of sense.

    Killing just for the sake of killing becasue that's what they do.

    They ought to be hunted down like the vermin they are and hung until their heads popped off.

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    Sorry to hear it. The Taliban claims they were spies and preaching. Wonder if they would have been so bold if someone hadn't told them we're leaving soon.... :mad:
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    This is what happens when a bunch of Washington pu@@ies call the shots and force our troops to fight under restrictive ROE that do more for the enemy than to them. If these cowards knew they would be hunted down and killed like the dogs they are they would think twice about ambushing unarmed non-combatants. Instead, we worry so much about collateral damage we go so far as to prosecute our own guys for "illegal" kills, some moron even ordered his unit out on patrol with "cold" weapons...wtf?

    If our guys aren't there for the win just bring them home.
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    Well, being how they were a Christian group and the Taliban purportedly killed them on those grounds alone, I cannot see how the Muslims can hide any longer on the basis that their "religion" is peaceful.....

    BULL$HIT! :mad::mad:

    I sure hope (and simultaneously doubt) that BHO decides to turn the whole area into a sheet of glass upon exit.......
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    Number 1 False H.
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    I wonder what the reaction will be............if any at all. :mad:

    One thing for sure, one day there will be a reckoning.
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again. Bomb the place into glass and be done. They will teach their children through fear to do the same thing they are DOING NOW. Cut the head off the snake and be done with it. If you grab the tiger by the tail like we have done now you can never let go safely. Get it done and leave the politicians out of it. They only make it worse for the troops and the cause. God bless the souls of those poor doctors that were there to heal.
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    I am less saddened by the loss of these well intentioned, but misguided, people than I was by the front page of the Houston Chronicle yesterday where there was a front page photo of yet another fine young US Marine being brought home from Afghanistan in a flag draped casket

    While these civilians were there to do good works and help the Afghan people, there was no way that they could ever have been safe in their mission. Even God could not have protected them in that sewer of Muslim evil called Afghanistan.

    Back to the US Marine. I cheered when we began the bombing campaign in Afganistan soon after 9-11. I cheered when we invaded Iraq and when we caputred and then executed Sadam Hussein. I have a US Marine son who spent 7 months at Al Asad airbase in Iraq, and a step-daughter (USAF Nurse) who spent 6 months at an airbase north of Baghdad. So I had some skin in that game.

    I grieved for every single US serviceman or servicewoman that was lost in Iraq, but I believed that we could prevail, and that a positive outcome that would change the Middle East forever could be achieved. Maybe in Iraq that will eventually happen.

    But I have come to believe that Afghanistan cannot be changed. I no longer believe that there is any chance that such a backward, fanatic and completely uncivilized area can ever become anything that we would recognize as a modern country living in the current century. I am sorry to say that I believe that our mission there is hopeless.

    I have no strategy to offer that I think would work. I do not think that there is a modern Western civilization type of answer to a 7th century fanatical and totally barbaric Muslim culture.

    Maybe there will be a chance of success if the Western world wakes up to the fact that we are at war with a culture, and that we are Rome with the Barbarians at the gate. Maybe then we would then allow the US military to solve this problem permanently without a bunch of pantywaisted moralizers wringing their hands. Then maybe we could achieve a higher level of global peace and security.

    But for now, I think we should seriously think about the value we can actually expect to gain for the incalculable costs we have paid and will pay more, such as the young US Marine on the front page of the paper yesterday.
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    I am not sure there is a solutiuon as such, Tex. The people that were there to do humanitarian work wore some pretty rose colored glasses thinking they were helping people that wanted to be helped.

    Every Soldier, Marine, Airman or Sailor that goes there thinks, or thought, they were working for the US Military to complete a mission. The situation has digressed to a war being run by some fat n' happy, overpaid, clueless politician watching news feeds from his office on Capitol Hill instead of by trained, experienced military commanders with boots on the ground.

    Pack up and go home is the only way out at this point. How can you bomb a country back to the stone age when they never left it to begin with?
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    This was just on the news. It has almost gotten to the point for me where I get angry and the mention of the word muslim or islam. They simply discust me with every aspect of their lives and the way they treat others. I'll start another thread with something I heard yesterday.

    Goju, you are are right. One day everything will be made right. I am ready for that day.

    IGETEVEN New Member

    "Quoted for truth" and damn spot on Jeeps! :cool:

    I hear you Spitty, but...IMHO, it will not be by God's hands that things will be made right as you and others believe, it will be by man's own hands, causing an Apocalypse, brought about in the name, beliefs, ideals and word of their God. :(
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    I usually keep quiet on threads like this because I don't want to be so personal about what I believe, but I have to say that you're quite wrong about this IGETEVEN.

    The only thing man can do is kill someone. God is much better at vengeance than we could ever comprehend. He not only can kill someone, but He also can send them to hell. If, as we're advised, we can't even begin to imagine how wonderful heaven is, how could we even begin to imagine the horrors that await the Taliban killers at the end of their lives? What could we do that would be more than God can do to them? Whether they think they're doing God a service - also which has been prophesied - if and when they start a worldwide conflict, they will soon find out that they've been deceived. Too late....
  14. CHLChris

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    And THIS is Sharia law.

    It makes me sick that leftists offer any support for Islamic jihadists.

    IGETEVEN New Member

    Your right, God knows absolutely everything. :rolleyes:

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    It was 10 people killed. The Taliban is claiming responsibility. The Afghan Gubmit says it was probably bandits and a robbery.

    We know what happened and there is obviously no fear from the American Gubmit of Appeasement.

    How much has to happen before the gloves come off and the current administration allows the soldiers to do their job? I fear not for a long time. More of this will happen and nothing will be done.

    I've said it before, and I will say it again...What Would Ron Reagan Do? That's right, he would take care of business.
  17. ScottG

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    Hyuk! It's always so funny to be mocked for stating God's truth..... Have fun Jack!
  18. WDB

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    We as a nation should first deny any non military people from entering a war zone. Second we should respond to the war with the supperior power we have, not try and even the war zone. Convential warfare is all they have and we measure our response on that. Done with the "shock and Aw", unleash the beast that is our military and turn this country into an effen parking lot right now.

    If we had a President with a sack (former and present) this war would have been over the week it started.

    Oh yea IMHO
  19. alsaqr

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    The real war on terror was in Afghanistan. When the US attacked, the Taliban turned tail and quickly left the country. There were not enough US boots on the ground and the Taliban quickly came back. The Taliban now controls about half of Afghanistan. They operate with impunity in 100 percent of the country.

    The war on terror quickly morphed into nation building. How in hades is one going to build a democracy in a country that has been in a state of anarchy for hundreds of years?

    The name of that craphole is The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. In 2004 the US allowed Karzai to implement shariah law in Afghanistan. The same religious police who threw acid in the faces of women and girls are now back to their sick job under Karzai.

    You cannot help a country where most of the citizens support the Taliban and al Queda. The US needs to pack up get out of Afghanistan; then nuke the Pakistan-Afghan border area into glass.
  20. CHLChris

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    I'm not sure this is the right course of action, but it's awfully close!

    And then jail all of the leaders who say, "We're just playing into the terrorists' hands" or, "We're just going to cause more recruitment." I am tired of this country being embarrassed about its strength and wealth. We need to knock some teeth in. And keep our chin held high.