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6.8 Spc

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Im looking into buying a bolt action rifle chambered in 6.8SPC

I know that a few companies make AR uppers for this round but I would like to use it for deer hunting and some target shooting.

if any of you have heard of or seen that a company is making rifles for this round i would love to hear about it.
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6.8x43mm /spc/6.8mm

What you are looking for is the Remington 700P LTR ( LIGHT TACTICAL RIFLE ) It is a short action rifle that was designed to kill people in an urban enviroment, in short, a mid range sniper rifle, unlike the standerd 308, this round will not overpenetrate, as to not kill friendlys in a hostage situation, increadebly accurate, will take care of any terrorist Deer on the block!!!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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