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6.8 Spc

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Im looking into buying a bolt action rifle chambered in 6.8SPC

I know that a few companies make AR uppers for this round but I would like to use it for deer hunting and some target shooting.

if any of you have heard of or seen that a company is making rifles for this round i would love to hear about it.
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That`s a new round on me and I thought I`ve heard of most of the Wildcats. From what the other guys have posted if you do not reload, do`nt get one. If you do reload but cannot read preasure signs , do not get one. I`ve been playing with Wildcat rounds for more years than some of the guys on this board are years old and loaded my own for years befor that. Make sure that you can get reloading data from a bullet manufacture or powder manufacture befor you buy one unless you have found factory ammo, or can read presure signs. Be safe first.

It's not a wildcat anymore. There's loaded ammo available for it and SAAMI specs. There's info for loading out there too.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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