6.8 Reminton SPC Barrel

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing Forum' started by EHCRain10, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. EHCRain10

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    I would like to convert a bolt action rifle to chamber the 6.8 SPC.
    I know that any action long enough to work with 223 remington will work with the 6.8 because the rounds are the same length.

    I will most likely buy a used rifle to start the project with but my question is what model rifle would be the easiest to find a barrel for? (unless someone knows of a company making new rifles in 6.8)
  2. matt g

    matt g Guest

    Look at the other thread about the 6.8 Rem. I'd start with a .270 Rem Remington 700 and order a 6.8 Rem barrel from Krieger Barrels and have them fit their barrel to the .270 Rem receiver.

    It wouldn't really be worth it though. You're talking about quite a bit of money for a rifle that uses a novelty round. The 6.8 Rem is only good out to about 300 yards.

  3. reyflete

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    6.8 spc

    go with a .223 savage 10 and have the bolt face opened up to accomidate the 6.8 spc round you can get a barrel barrel blank from shillen and have mark skaggs www.skaggsgunsmithing.com to turn and barrel it for you he has done a couple rifles for me and all have shot less than minute of angle:)