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    What do you guys think about this?
    A 5.56 necked up to take a 6.5 120 grain bullet with a BC of .421 goin 2400 fps out of a 20 inch barrel. Takes regular AR magazines. Do you think this is the round to replace the 5.56 in the M4/M-16/SAW?
    Personally I would go with the Grendel, better ballistics, at short AND long ranges, and not too much of a weight factor. If I recall correctly, for 5.56 300 rounds weighs in at around 11 lbs. Grendel for 260 rounds is 13 lbs. I vote Grendel. Would want a heavier, beefier round on me than one that sometimes takes 2 or 3 hits to put a soldier down.
    Input?:confused: Link vvvvvv
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    I know that Rock River Arms and Barrett have ARs in 6.8 spc (not MPC). I dont think the milatary would change the standard cartridge unless they changed the standard rifle:(.

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    just bought a custom 6.8 and love it.
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    With something like the Bushmaster ACR or Robinson XCR, you can have two barrels, and when you run out of your 6.5 ammo then you switch barrels pretty quickly and start using enemy .223 ammo ON THE FIELD!

    6.5 MPC allows for a very versatile shooting platform, since it uses the same case as a standard .223 round and therefore can operate in the same gun with only a barrel change. People who handload ammo can have a cost effective transition to a more potent caliber and may still have the other caliber available to use with virtually no hassle, should the need to go back to the smaller round be necessary.

    Adaptability is an asset for a SHTF scenario.

    6.5 MPC is at the top of my "bigger bullet for an AR" list.

    The 6.5 Gren and the 6.8 are impressive on paper and perhaps in the real world as well when we look at bullet weight vs velocity alone, but I think the MPC round has more to offer for my money and is more "PRACTICALLY established" from my point of view.

    Time will tell how my current choice stands against the "others" in the long run.
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    The Bushmaster ACR comes in either 5.56 or 6.8 SPC.

    The 6.5 MPC (Multi Purpose Cartridge) is a SSK development urged by Brian Hormberg (USMC) based on the 5.56 cartridge shortened and opened to 6.5 MM and the same OAL as the 5.56. In the M-16-AR-15 rifles it utilizes the 5.56 bolt and magazines as well as all other parts except the barrel itself. Its design adapts it to a short Close Quarter Battle rifle with a 12” barrel moving a 107 6.5 SMK at 2400 FPS with superior full auto controllability and excellent accuracy. The 12” barrel model easily puts it into the realistic 300+ yard combat category and longer barrels stretch that realistic combat range considerably further.

    Factory ammunition is not yet available for the 6.5 MPC; however we are working on that. Ready to load brass and dies are in stock.

    The 120 grain BT is near maximum bullet weight for good performance. 85 grain is about the least weight for good performance. Some 140 grain bullets may be used but ballistically are counterproductive. (Information pirated from a web site). Thank you, thank you very much.

    Personally I don't need another cartridge in that configuration to load for.
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    Pretty sure SSK is the only company making the 6.5 MPC and don't know of anyone making ammo.

    6.5 Grendel using Bill Alexanders max loads in a 16" barrel- zeroed at 200yds drops at 300yds.
    due to energy being less than 1000ft lbs 300 yds is about max for taking deer or hogs with either caliber.
    the same temp, pressure, line of sight and program used to figure all drops in both calibers.
    This data figured using my normal altitude, BP and humidity settings for Colorado
    100 Nosler-2600fps––drop 9.4/801 ft lbs
    107 SMK-2545fps––––-drop9.5/878ft lbs
    123 SMK-2472fps––––drop 9.4/1083ft lbs
    120TSX-2472fps––––drop9.8/984ft lbs

    6.8 SPC SSA factory ammo 16" barrel
    100 Nosler-2700fps––drop9.0/809ft lbs
    110 Nosler-2630fps––drop9.0/939ft lbs
    110TSX-2630fps––-drop 9.5/856ft lbs ––––––added
    6.8 handloads max
    100 Nosler 2950fps––-drop 7.4/993ftlbs
    110 Nosler 2750fps––drop8.2/1040ftlbs

    Available factory ammo

    6.5 Grendel––––––––-
    Hornady-123 Amax
    Wolf -120 copper plated bullet or something, gunwriter will be along in a minute to lets us know
    ––––––-123 soft point
    AA––––120 Nosler
    ––––––-123 Lapua
    ––––––-129 SST
    ––––––-90gr TNT

    6.8 SPC ammo
    BVAC––––––-110 Vmax
    Corbon––––––110 TTSX
    ––––––––––––––115 SMK
    ––––––––––––––115 subsonic
    ––––––––––––––-110 Vmax
    ––––––––––––––-115 FMJ
    ––––––––––––––-110 OTM
    Hornady––––-110 Vmax
    ––––––––––––––-110 OTM
    Hunting Shack-110 Vmax
    ––––––––––––––-115 OTM
    Rem.––––––––-115 FMJ
    ––––––––––––––-115 HPBT
    ––––––––––––––115 corelokt
    Sellier&Bellot-110 TTSX
    ––––––––––––––––-110 Vmax
    SSA––––––––––––85 TSX––––––––––––SSAs loads available in Commercial and Tactical velocities
    ––––––––––––––––90 TNT
    ––––––––––––––––95 frangable
    ––––––––––––––––97 AP
    ––––––––––––––––100 Nosler Accubond
    ––––––––––––––––110 Nosler Accubond
    ––––––––––––––––110 Sierra Pro hunter
    ––––––––––––––––110 TTSX
    ––––––––––––––––115 SMK
    ––––––––––––-95gr Barnes TTSX coming soon

    Manufacture of rifles/uppers
    ––––––––6.8 ––––––––-
    Globa Tact.
    Wilson Combat
    Robinson Arms
    AR Performance
    Model 1 sales
    JT distributing

    6.5 Grendel makers––––––––––
    Alexander Arms
    Sabre Defence
    JP Ent.
    Saturn- barrels only
    War Dog outfitters
    Templar Consulting

    264LBC makers and ammo
    Les Baer
    Black Hills 123gr Amax
    AR Performance
    SAOD ind(Lothar Walther)
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