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    Hello - hope your day is well. I was researching and trying to better understand ballistics. Im aware that some folks say the ballistics are a good indicator of performance but may be different in the field. As i am learning, I came across an article or 2 stating you need 1,000 flbs of energy for a humane kill on a deer. Ive been looking at the 6.5 grendel ballistics chart- My question As I look at the chart- I see a 16" grendel, using the 90gr speer tnt would only be effective to 150Yards? I must be looking at it the wrong way. If this round was considered for military use, i wonder how much energy would be necessary to take out an enemy combatant. It wouldnt seem that much more effective than a 5.56. Thank you for any answers - i apologize for my lack of understanding- im learning though. Thanks BALLISTIC LINK---- http://www.alexanderarms.com/images/pdfs/grendel_ballistics.pdf
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    combat is much different than hunting. hunting a person uses the best equipment to get a humane and quick kill. in combat, a hit even if non-fatal still accomplishes a goal of possibly removing that combatant from the fight. so in combat, a hit doesn't always have to be fatal to be effective.

    a 308 at 1000-1200 yards has shed a lot of energy, but still will ruin a person's day. and if hit in the head, more than likely to still have enough energy to be fatal. not ideal for a quick and humane kill on a deer, but still efective enough for combat.

    hunting, you use the best ammo that is available for the intended game you are hunting and use it within the confines of the cartridges ability to ensure a humane kill with good shot placement.

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    That is why they make the Nosler 120 grain Ballistic Tip, Hornady 129 grain SST. They both are good hunting bullets that give the 6.5 Grendel 250/300 yards of effective range. You have to be able to identify the sex and age of the critter you are shooting. 300 yards is considered the max range one can do all that without dragging a spotting scope around.
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    The 6.5 Grendel is a fantastic round. For deer I have used a 129 grain bullet.
    And 95 V-Max for varmints as hogs, coyotes and the like. I recently went to a long range sniper school in Texas where the targets were out to 1400 yards. The lead Instructor, one of his weapons of choice is the 6.5 Grendel in an 18 inch barrel AR Rifle. This is not a fly by night school since special forces attend the facility quite frequently. So nothing wrong with the 6.5 and I have also killed many deer in Texas with the 129s with one shot. Very accurate on top of being effective. I also use a 308, 7mm Rem Mag and have used others so it is not like I am only beating the drum for the 6.5 due to the only caliber I have and use. It is effective with the correct ammunition like most other calibers.

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    Thanks- does anyone know what the red highlighted numbers represent? I can't find a an indicator- Ty
    On another note, wow, that's surprising he used an 18" barrel. I guess there is not much if a difference between the 18" vs the 19.5"( that is the optimal length for that cartridge- per Alexander Arms)- good to know. They only have specs for , 14.5",16",20",24". so on an 18" barrel im guessing. In my opinion the difference between handling an 18" barrel vs 20" barrel is mildly significant. the 20" seems a bit long but the 18" feels perfect. I may go with the 18" since the ballistics are very comparable to,lets say the 19.5"( optimal length-per AA) but only compararble to the 20" in the chart.….
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    I was at the range yesterday with my 6.5 Grendel Overwatch and a new Vortex optic. It has a 24" barrel. It was the 1st time to the range with the new Vortex and I was working on some Hornady 95 gr. V-Max handloads. I got to a point (with a reasonable margin below the reloading manual's max load) where I decided accuracy and velocity were good for my varmint round. These were hitting 2910 FPS for a 5 shot average. Here is the target from that group....not bad, 2/3 MOA.