6.5-284 vs 25 WSSM?

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by Tjurgensen, Jul 6, 2013.

  1. Tjurgensen

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    Iv been looking at these two calibers and wanted to know the pros and cons of each and how they preform and compare to eachother. Any suggestions, advice, or experience would be appreciated.

  2. Apex-Predator

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    Well the 6.5-284 can use significantly heavier bullets, not an advantage on deer class game but if you are shooting 1,000 yards or hunting elk that makes a difference. The 25 WSSM has one key advantage, a super short action (.223 Rem length) which makes it the most powerful high speed cartridge in that category by a healthy margin. It is ideal for a super handy woods rifle or a high powered AR. My gunsmith has a 25 WSSM and he SWEARS by that thing, near 25-06 ballistics in an action two full sizes shorter what is not to like?

  3. Txhillbilly

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    What exactly are you wanting to do with a rifle?

    This is the 3rd or 4th comparison you have asked about,and there really is zero things to compare with these two calibers,it's like comparing a 22 rimfire to a 223,they really have nothing in common with each other.

    Personally,I love to shoot my 25/06,but wouldn't have a 25WSSM. It doesn't do anything better than the 25/06,and cost 2-3 times as much for ammo/brass.

    The 6.5x284 is just a little faster than any of the more common 6.5 calibers,and it cost more to shoot,and barrel life is also shorter.
  4. Tjurgensen

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    Really I'm just asking to learn. I havnt quite made my decision on what kind of gun I'll be getting.
  5. gunnut07

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    Well neither are going to offer much if any factory ammo.

    Like THB said there is nothing the 25 wssm can kill that the 25-06 can't. In my eyes the 25-06 is the cream of the crop in the quarter boar offerings. I have a 25-06 that will stack 75gr V-Max's in to 1/8" 5 shot groups at 100 yards. Plus you can make 25-06 from 270, 280, 30-06 brass.

    The 6.5-284 will give outstanding accuracy for going long. The draw back is shortened barrel life. I prefer a 6mm Dasher for 1k over the 6.5-284. If you are shooting for pure accuracy you will get 1k maybe 1500 shots out of a 6.5-284 before the barrel is unshootable. If you are not looking for 1k sub 1/2 MOA groups you might be able to squeeze 2k out of it.

    Unfortunately no one make long range bullets for the 25 cal. If they did I would be shooting a 25-08 for my 1k shooting. That is how much I like it.