581's first time out on the range...

Discussion in 'Mini-14 Forum' started by KMO, May 1, 2011.

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    I've never owned a firearm for a month before getting the first rounds fired through it, but I bought this 581-series Ranch so we could use it in the shop while developing a new Mo-Reaper to fit the flanged barrel. So, finally, I got some time to get out & play with it yesterday. I only modified it in 4 ways before this first time out on the range. MasterPsmith did another superb trigger job for me, a Mo-Rod was installed, our new Mo-Reaper was installed (perfect fit), and I loosened the 4 gas block screws so I could torque them equally. On that last item, I was surprised at the uneven gap (forward to back and side to side) in the gas block halves, and 2 of the 4 screws were barely tight at all. Usually, one gets a distinct "snap" when loosening the staked screws for the first time, but these seemed almost hand tight only. No worries, though, as the gap was corrected and the 4 screws torqued to 30 lbs. before I got out to the range. The results were just great. This Mini is equipped with Ultra Dot's Match Dot Red Dot sight mounted on Quick-Detach Warne 30mm rings. Nice. The rifle sighted in very fast, and I quickly moved from the paper target to a metal spinner target from Do-All Outdoors. I had no trouble plinking the metal target with every round until the target broke. I have yet to find a metal target that really can handle .223 rounds for very long. Anyway, a great morning out at the range, and I was very pleased with the results the new Mini turned in...;)
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    Glad to hear that you finally got it out to shoot it and it's doing well. I don't buy crappy targets, I fabricate all my own. Have everything I need in my shop, which includes all my welding equipment and a CNC Plasma Cutting Table. Steel prices have gone way up though....Nothing I can't make as far as steel targets go............