580 Series Pros and Cons

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  1. gwot_veteran88

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    Just over a month ago I purchased my Ruger Ranch Rifle and since then I've yet to take this baby out to the range.


    I wanted to know what others think of the newer models compared to the older ones. I've fired an older series in the past and was displeased with it at the time but lately I've heard good things about these 580 series models and so I bought one. Anyone want to provide their experience? The pros? Cons if any?
  2. hawkguy

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    I've got a 580 series mini, suppose i'll give it a go.


    1) decently accurate out of the box....some better than others
    2) iron sights are pretty good
    3) scope mounts
    4) thicker barrel....more shooting time before it heats up too much.
    5) its a mini...if you love the garand action and the traditional rifle style you won't be disappointed. the fun factor is HIGH.


    1) you'll still won't get its best unless you tinker with it (but probably true of many guns)
    2) it needs a few hundred rounds to smooth out imo.
    3) accuracy is very ammo sensitive (though again, true of many guns)
    4) ruger's s**t policies on parts and repairs
    5) in YOUR case...you need a wood stock :p

  3. sandog

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    My current Mini is an older one, 195 series Ranch. It takes a bit more to get them up to par than the newer ones, but most of the fixes are cheap and can be done yourself. The Tech rear sight and AccuStrut, were the exceptions to "cheap", were about $170 for the two mods. But I only paid $400 for the rifle to begin with. Cons of the Mini's to me are: 1) Harder to get some spare parts like a bolt or firing pin, gotta send your Mini back to Ruger to get one fitted. 2) Factory magazines are the only way to go, but cost is higher than other platforms. They list for $40, but can be had for less. I just bought 5 slightly used factory 20 rounders from a member of another forum for less than $20 per. 3) Can't be cleaned from the breech, make sure to use a muzzle guide on a cleaning rod or use an Otis pull -through. Pro's ? Many. Better feel, less scary to the general public, great reliability. Not as many options for mods or accessories as the AR's, but that can be a good thing. Easier on you wallet, and your carbine remains handy, light and simple. Everyone's seen AR's with way too much crap bolted on. I have over $2000 in my AR ( with optic) and it shoots slightly, very slightly better than my Mini.
  4. Mercator

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    the new series is better in some ways and similar in most. It has a better front sight and a better buttpad. The big deal is a more rigid barrel, thanks to its increased diameter at the receiver. The very latest (post '09 I think but you could verify it) with flash hiders have the 1/2x28 muzzle thread pitch, which opens the Mini (finally) to other muzzle attachments you might want.
  5. Mercator

    Mercator New Member

    Forgot to say, you will likely find it more accurate. Also due to the heavier wood stock and a still a fairly light barrel, the Mini retains an excellent balance off hand.
  6. bamashooter68

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    Couldn't have said it any better. Mine has the skinny barrel but I fixed that with an accustrut. I have also had a trigger job done. Love my mini-14.
  7. gwot_veteran88

    gwot_veteran88 New Member

    I hear ya on the wood stock. The polymer stock feels in my opinion "cheap". That's why I ordered a NIB wood stock from eBay. :)
  8. JTJ

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    Got back from the range an hour ago with my synthetic stock 580. I was shooting some old 55 grain military rounds from the 70's off the bench and I was surprised at the accuracy. I was using the factory irons. I forgot to put the target in the car or I would post it. It took me 8 rounds to get the sights adjusted and then 12 rounds from the 20 round mag into a clean target. I was using the Caldwell Orange Peel 5.5". 9 of the 12 were in the 2" center. The other 3 were still in the black and the misses were my fault not the rifles. I was going to put a red dot on it but now am considering a 1-4x scope or a 2.5x scout scope. I would like to keep the action clear. At my age it is a wonder I can hit anything with irons.
  9. 1stmini

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    wanted a wood stock one myself but could not find one , at least I got the stainless , the synthetic stock kind of grows on ya though , might switch to wood one day

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  10. jismail

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    The only complaints I have with my 581 is that the M1-carbine or Garand style sights are not available for the 58x series like they are for earlier models, and also the lack of a M14 style flash surpressor that is made for the model. All I have found are for the pre-58x series. As for the rest, mine shoots great, not compaints!
  11. Misfire51

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    Mine's a196 series bought it new in 2000, love this gun, broke it in on 1000 rnds of brass ( it was cheap back then) it shoots any thing I feed it . Just keep um clean and it should last forever. I don't really like ARs that much I'am old school, sold my AR to my son probly gonna buy another Mini her soon. Good luck ,go out and send some lead down range.

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