.556/.223 once fired brass price???

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  1. I just had a question on some once fired brass i have. I have collected a little over 500 round of once fired uncleaned brass and was going to try and sell or trade it here locally. However i have no idea what's a fair price to ask. I'm not trying to make a buck just trying to be fair. Any help would be awesome guys thanks.
  2. JonM

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    depends on what brass it is as far as maker goes. lake city is woorth more than remington.

    i paid 19$ for 500 of mixed 45acp at the local range a bit ago if that helps.

  3. mrwintr

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    It depends on what headstamp brass it is, if it is all dented up (which many semi auto .223's do to ejected brass) and if the primers were crimped or not. Go to Gunbroker.com and look at what people are selling their stuff for.