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  1. niteglock

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    Is it really worth buying a desert eagle .50AE? Considering accuracy and prices to own and purchase price? Would you ever use the gun for more than range time purpose?

    Me n my buddy were arguing about it. I said its not practical. He thinks otherwise.
  2. Dillinger

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    Let's see.

    A giant handgun that is close to 6 pounds unloaded.

    Oversized hand grip that most men with large hands (mine included) have trouble wrapping in a true "handshake" type of weapon addressment.

    An inset slide mounted safety, out of easy reach to the average thumb.

    A recoil that will make quick follow up shots unlikely, at best.

    What's not to like? :rolleyes:

    I think you are right. It's not a carry weapon. It's not a "personal sidearm". It's a man junk compensator and a niche' weapon that is fun to shoot a couple of times, but never one I would trust my life too.

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  3. tacticalfun

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    I sadly admit i owned one. Its an eight pound paper weight. 2$ a round. No distance. Stay away
  4. niteglock

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    Thanks guys. That makes it 3 to 1 vote. Bam!
  5. JonM

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    i find the one i bought when it first showed up then gave to my wife to be amazingly accurate. it is a beast. i can routinely pop clay pigeons at 100yds with it's iron sights.

    it does take a LOT of concentration and wrist strength to shoot well. the terrible stock trigger makes a difficult to shoot handgun even harder to shoot well. the weight in long distance shooting is actually a benefit. its also got incredibly hard rotational torque making the gun twist violently in your hand

    they are very good handgun hunting pistols with the integral rail on the barrel making it easy to mount most pistol optics.

    if you just gotta have a very iconic reliable accurate magnum level gun the DE50 is a good choice. the bad part is the ammo is pricey, extremely so. reloading is a must for this gun. fortunately with the popularity of the 500SW and 50 beowulf, good quality .500 caliber bullets are actually easy to find.

    reloading for the 50AE is easy and the cases hardly stretch at all and some cases i have have seen 25+ loadings with no signs of splitting at the mouth. cant remember the last time i had to trim one. reloading brings the cost on par with 38spl or 357magnum factory ammo depending on bullet choice.

    not a practical defense gun but its not a POS or worthless. its just a fun range/hunting pistol
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  6. Morgo

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    Depends what you want it for?
    For fun at the range they are hard to beat. Accuracy is top notch, with a good trigger as well.
    If your worried about ammo costs then its time to reload :)