500 yard clays

Discussion in 'Range Report' started by joshfireart, Jun 20, 2010.

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    i went and shot my 22-250 and place some clays up on a side hill placed 5 of them and walk back down to my truck. Took my Leica rang finder and range them at 490 yards thats a long ways. Im leaning to shoot it feels like all over again i can hit 18'' targets all day but clays are a little smaller and the breeze was rather stiff at times but in 40 shots I manage to break 3 of them and snipe 3 ground squirrel a 127 out 150 yards i wasnt missing by much. I was shooting off a rock while sitting. if you seen my rig you would all laugh but its what i have so thats what ill shoot.
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    Glad you had some fun! It don't matter what rig you have or what it looks like-as long as it shoots.