.500 Wyoming Express loads

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    O.K. fellas,, I did it, I picked up a used Freedom Arms Nodel 83 in .500WE.
    Have any of you had any experience reloading this cartrige? The FA website has a good listing of loads and yes, I will be sticking mainly to the low end stuff to save my wrist and wallet. The factory Grizzly Ammo uses the Jamison cases and they seem to be the only ones out there.From what I have read, case life is very good if care in sizing is used, trimming, etc. Any extra info from you fellas would be greatly appreciated,, I will slip out this afternoon and shoot it sparingly with the 370 grain Grizzly fodder, they pop around 1300fps,, will reload 350 grain pilss at about 800 fps for general shooting,, but with that revolver, extended plinking is probably not the norm,, I'm excited to
    take it to the range.