.50 cal bmg

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  1. samrvincent

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    I just purchased a Barrett M95 and wanted to know what the most accurate and reliable ammo is. I've just been using the Barrett brand ammo and i wanted to know if it was inferior but ammo for it is too expensive to just do trial and error with every brand, so I thought I'd get a short list from you guys to use as a guideline.
  2. joie777

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    yes i reload mine is cheaper and you can make better loads than you can buy but its not to bad if you start out with a lee press and dies and a Lyman trimmer

  3. lbwar15

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    Not much into the .50 bmg. Only bc it is way to expensive. I would look into what fmj the military is using in the m107. And see if it is available for civilian use.

    I would love to have a m107 tho. One day, one day