5 handguns every shooter oughta have...

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  1. sweeper22

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    Picked up a new gun today (SP101), my first revolver. That's my 8th handgun purchase, 7 of which I still have. Being a novice, it sorta got me thinking. What are the critical priority guns your average novice pistol shooter (who wants to become a well-rounded, proficient shooter) oughta check off his/her list first?

    My thoughts, in no particular order:

    Rimfire target: Probably lean toward Ruger here, though I like the Buckmark.

    9mm steel/alloy: Browning, CZ, or Sig.

    3-6" 357mag revolver: Ruger GP100 seems like the best value.

    1911 45acp Gov: Shooter-friendly big bore.

    Medium/compact poly: Versatility. Concealable, simple, durable, reliable.
  2. Axxe55

    Axxe55 The Apocalypse Is Coming.....

    okay what pistols i have to be well rounded, (pun intended!)

    1) small compact-Bersa Thunder 380
    2) rimfire target-Ruger 22/45 Mark III
    3) poly framed-SA XDm40
    4) steel framed small caliber-Astra A100 9mm
    5) steel framed large caliber-American Classic II 45acp
    6) revolver-Taurus Tracker 44 magnum

    will add more later!

  3. shoottohit1

    shoottohit1 New Member

    1-sig p229 .40
    2-spring field x40
    3-s&w 38 special
    4- glock 23
    5- s&w500 (the tank :))
  4. ninjatoth

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    1-1911 45acp
    2-S&W snubbie .38spl
    3-High capacity 9mm(Beretta,Glock etc)
    4-S&W .44Magnum
    5-A .22!---A .22!---A .22!,any kind of .22 that can keep your skills up!
  5. Uncle Tom

    Uncle Tom New Member

    Colt Single Action Army (Ruger, Uberti, USFA replicas if not original) - 45 LC
    Browning High Power - 9mm
    Sig 226 - 40mm (or if you must, a Glock)
    Colt 1911 (Springfield, Ruger - many other choices at all price ranges)
    Smith Model 27 - 357 Mag (other Smiths and Rugers also good)

    Except for SAA, you probably want adjusable sights so as to handle different distances and ammo types.
  6. g17frantz

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    1911-.45 acp
    Glock 17-9mm
    Ruger buckmark-.22
    Ruger Security Six-.357
    Sig P238-.380
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  7. ArizonaLawman

    ArizonaLawman New Member

    1. Smith & Wesson K or L Frame 4" .357 Magnum, preferably in stainless

    2. Ruger Mk Series or Browning Buck Mark .22lr semiauto with 4 or 5" barrel

    3. Glock 22

    4. Glock 17

    5. Smith & Wesson Model 25 or 625 in .45ACP

    Any other handguns would be, to my thinking, superfluous. The Smith wheelguns will handle 38 and 357...the N Frame will handle 45. The Glocks will handle pretty much any 9 or 40 you stuff into them, and 9mm and 40 will be easy to scrounge from dead zombies if the time ever comes.

    Of course, I am not emptying out my gun safe and getting rid of my "superfluous" pistols...the 5 choices above are the 5 handguns EVERYONE ought to have.
  8. shoottohit1

    shoottohit1 New Member

    Not to be off subject but I've always shot two certain brands of pistols ad haven't really been open to many others but I'm seeing alot of talk about these browning high powers can somebody fill me in on these
  9. Axxe55

    Axxe55 The Apocalypse Is Coming.....

    possibly one of the best 9mm pistols ever made! also not cheap, but worth the money. brand new, MSRP is about $1000-1100. older ones may be much higher.
  10. shoottohit1

    shoottohit1 New Member

    I was just wondering I've mainly stuck with Kimber and sig for my semi autos and smith and wesson for the revolvers. I see alot of folks talking about em. It's just made in 9mm or they make others also?
  11. winds-of-change

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    Well, I only have two. A Ruger GP100 and a Ruger Mark II. It's a good start, I guess. :eek:
  12. ArizonaLawman

    ArizonaLawman New Member

    The Hi Power or P35 was the last auto that John Browning worked on before he passed. The work was finished by a belgian feller named Duidionne Saive (spelling is from memory). It was THE first double stack hi-capacity (yeah...13 rounds WAS high capacity at that time) pistol. The appellation Hi Power came from the fact that it held a nominal 13 rounds in the magazine, not the 9mm cartridge. You may also see the gun referred to as the GP35 which is belgique for Grande Puissance (High Power).

    The Hi Power, out of the box, is NOT spectacularly accurate...though it will out shoot the shooter in most cases. The main reason for this is the CRAPPY, CREEPY, STACKY, SPONGY trigger. That is often simply cured by removing the magazine safety (which I do NOT reccomend for a carry gun. Disabling a safety on a pistol is bad juju). For a few bucks any competent 'smith can smooth out the trigger, and make the gun capable of dropping the magazines freely. The second factor in the guns poor accuracy was the original tiny half moon sights (which I oddly prefer). Though "mechanically accurate"....most shooters couldn't shoot the gun to it's mechanical potential because of the sights. That being said, the pistol points like a laser beam in most hands.

    Every time I grab one of my Hi Powers from the safe, it feels as if I am shaking hands with an old and trusted friend. I still love them. I carried one on duty for several years.

    They CAN be finicky when it comes to ammo. They will feed ANY ball ammo. They will NOT feed the old CCI lawman 90gr JHP unless they are properly ramped and throated....but the CCI is not common ammo. Any 9mm jhp with a longer profile will feed, but as with ANY pistol, you have to test it to be sure.

    The Hi Power with the old "Commander" type hammer WILL chew up the web of your shooting hand unless you have skinny hands. This is easily fixed with a new hammer from Chip McCormick or a standard spur type hammer.

    FM in Argentina makes a fine Hi Power on Browning machines. It actually uses better American steel than the current Hi Powers from across the pond. The Hungarian PJK9HP is a Hi Power clone that will shoot like a dream for the first 2 or 3,000 rounds, then you will probably need to lap the rails because it galls pretty badly.

    If you buy a Hi Power...don't get hung up on the Made In Belgium Assembled in Portugal series of pistols...they are FINE. Some snobs will say they ONLY want the Hi Powers marked MADE IN BELGIUM. The Mk III's assembled in Portugal are fine examples and have the better MkIII sights and ambi safety.

    The current "FN Hi Power" can be had for pretty reasonable prices, and they are good buys. Check CDNN, they often have them sub $500.
  13. Marthor

    Marthor New Member

    5 Oughta have:
    1) Pocket CCW = small compact like the Ruger LC9
    2) SHTF Big Gun = high-capacity 45 like the Springfield XDm 45
    3) Target/fun = 22LR like the Ruger MarkIII
    4) Home Defense = Revolver 357 like the Ruger GP100 (revolver is always ready in your drawer for 50 years untouched)
    5) Classic = 1911
  14. Firearms4ever

    Firearms4ever New Member

    1. Ruger Single Six
    2. CZ 75 variant (Without the decocker), Browning High Power, or Sig P226
    3. Ruger GP100, Smith and Wesson 19, or Smith and Wesson 686. However I definately would prefer the Colt Single Action Army 5 1/2 inch barrel .45lc or the Ruger Vaquero in either .45lc or .357.
    4. Colt 1991 Model 1911, Springfield Mil-Spec 1911A1, or Ruger SR1911
    5. Ruger SR9c or Springfield XDm 9mm
  15. TGReaper

    TGReaper New Member

    1. A good .22 ( Hammerli International.)

    2. 9 mm. Sig.226 or STI Ranger 11

    3. .357 gotta have . Colt Python

    4. . 45 acp. STI Range Master or Colt Ser.70

    5. . 44 Mag. Ruger Redhawk

    These cover the basics , but you need more.....


    IGETEVEN New Member

    I think I am more than adequately covered, plus some! :cool:

  17. shoottohit1

    shoottohit1 New Member

    Thanks for the information I'm prolly gona check them out when I get back on land. Cdnn is a new abbreviation for me. What does it mean
  18. orangello

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  19. ALS11

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    If I could only have 5 they would be:
    _ 1) 1911 45 Auto (any version, mine is a Gold Cup)
    _ 2) S&W Mdl. 41 22 LR
    _ 3) Sig X5 9mm.
    _ 4) Colt Python 357
    _ 5) Colt SAA 357
    But how can anyone live with only 5 handguns??? :eek: ;)
  20. colmustard

    colmustard Active Member

    This is my list of a well rounded five pistol collection

    1. A rimfire pistol either a ruger single six or ruger semiauto

    2. A good strong .38 or .357, either a S&W or ruger GP100

    3. A 1911 in .45, beacue it is very versitle platform and a classic American icon.

    4. A browning hi-power because it also is a icon in the gun world and also has put well enough time in to be a trusted design.

    5. A basic cheap pistol for lots of range and duty use, maybe a S&W MP or springfield xd.

    This list should make a decent well rounded collection of pistols for the average shooter.