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Hello all, I am new to reloading and need some good advice. My friend and I are all setup to start reloading .223. We are trying to match or get close to the basic m193 military load. Here go the questions.
1. Should we go with a powder like WC846T, because WC844 is hard to get, or will W748 work well? A suitible subsitiute?
2. Should we go after mil spec primers? If so what #? 34, 41, or 35? If not are standar small rifle primers okay, like CCI #200? Some of the load data recommends magnum primers, like CCI #250. Your opinion?
3.I am really looking for a good starting point, the cheaper the better, We are really just looking for a good, cheap target load, any suggestions?
4. The rifles are AR15's.

Thank you.
1 ) As far as powders go, I would go with (for ball ammo) either H335 or BLC2 (The use of WC844 will work as also W748), the question is the cost ?

2) Primers, I would recommend for AR15's CCI small rifle Magnum primers. I've used these in my M16, Ar15 and AC556 with excellent results.

3) As far as cheap goes, The military Pull down powder is the least expensive. For target loads, I have used H335 since in my area its less than BLC2. My cost is about $.21/round using existing brass and H335 and Pulled 55gr FMJ projectiles.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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