5.56 NATO load work up/Range Report.

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  1. Shade

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    WARNING: This is only for rifles chambered in the higher pressure 60-62.5 kpsi
    loading of the 5.56 NATO ammunition, this should never be used in rifles
    chambered for the lower pressure .223 Remington round.

    Cases: Mixed Lake City brass, once fired, FL Sized
    Primers: CCI 400
    Bullet: Hornady 55gr FMJ-BT w/cannelure
    Powder: Accurate 2230 26.2gr

    1.5 MOA group using iron sights at 100 yards, all 10 rounds. Knowing that
    rifle and me, if I used my lead sled and my scope that would be under 1 MOA,
    possibly 0.5 MOA. No signs of over pressure at this loading, also shot 26.3
    but the group opened up to 3-4 MOA. I started at 25.0gr and worked up to
    the maximum published load of 26.3 by Accurate's load manual Edition 5.0.

    The Rifle
    Bushmaster XM15-E2S
    5.56 NATO chamber
    1 in 9" twist
    20" barrel
    A2 front and rear sights (how I was shooting it, for this work up)

    I have a scope for the rife but use it for hunting and 62 gr Barnes TSX bullets.

    I will get the chrony out and measure muzzle velocity in the next few days.

    Thought I would pass on my results.
  2. mseric

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    Thanks for the report.

    This would concern me. An increase in .1gr of powder causing groups to open up from .5-1 inch to 3-4 inches is something I would investigate further.

  3. bradam

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    Any idea on what that load would with 16" barrel with 1-7 twist?
  4. mseric

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    What are you asking?

    Barrel length and twist rate does not give reason to alter the published load data. Start low and work up using published data.
  5. Shade

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    It was 1.5 inch group at 26.2gr; I think the load will do better when I shoot
    from my rest with optics. The old eyes are getting weak. Being near the
    max load it does not surprise me that much.

    My next round will be shooting 26.0 by 0.1gr increments stopping at 26.3
    which is the published maximum for this bullet and powder.

    Have to agree, start low, work up slowing looking for pressure signs with
    every increase.

    I shoot a 24.5gr load with this bullet now and started this work up at 25.0gr;
    then worked up from there you also have to confirm you have a 5.56 NATO
    chamber so you can handle this high pressure load. This is NOT safe in a
    .223 Remington barrel.
  6. sandog

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    Was thinking about trying the Barnes TSX for some short range whitetails in my yard this fall. If you've shot deer with that bullet, how did it perform ? I've used The 60 gr. Nosler Partition, 65 gr. Sierra Gameking, and W-W 64 gr. Power Point's before, but they all have an exposed lead tip, but I'd prefer to use something that had a more protected point, as the lead tip can get mangled and deformed while feeding.
  7. mseric

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  8. Shade

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    I have had great luck with the 62 and 70 grain TSX, I have not used the
    TTSX; I just have never had good luck with any plastic tipped bullet. The
    standard TSX is a great hunting bullet. Large exit wounds, lot of internal
    damage. Minimum meat loss with good shot placement.